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The 3rd season premiers and along with that the 3rd version of the FWHQ. We were fortunate enough to get our own URL. You can now visit for all your First Wave needs. Happy Anniversary goes out to US at the FWHQ because today, it has been 3 years since the FWHQ was erected upon the web for fans like you. We'd like to thank those who've supported us through the years and for those who've ridiculed us therefore just making us stronger.


Episode 03-02 "Raven nation" has been added to the Episode Guide.




We have updated the First Wave Headquarters. Tell us what you think. For those who have been visiting since the beginning, we have brought back the First .WAV of the month, and are introducing two new features. First Wave Script of the month, as well as a TOP SECRET feature which will be unveiled later this year. You can find them in the Forums section. We have also added members among the ranks of the FWHQ. Along with James (Morn64) and Myself (Robzilla) the founders and creators of the First Wave Headquarters, we have Jesi (JesikaAngel) joining up from her website "Of Aliens and Angels." We also have Heather (MaraWade) joining us as our Promotions Manager. We are also pleased to announce a collaboration between the Official First Wave newsletter and ourselves to preview little tidbits of the next issue. Please welcome our new 'family' and enjoy the NEW FWHQ.


8.23.2000 : STORY

Second Press Release of First Wave Comic Books

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