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First Wave: The Lost Episode

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Cade and Eddie were sitting in the trailer late on a Wednesday afternoon in July. Cade was reading a stack of newspapers and Eddie was surfing the net. "Hey look at this," Cade said as he held up a tabloid for Eddie to read, 'Murderer Cade Foster and partner spotted in Bora, Bora'. "Sounds like we're having fun," Cade said with a smile.

"And to think," Eddie said, "Only last week we were seen in Vancouver." Cade chuckled. "But you know, Foster," Eddie said, "We have to keep moving, the fake reports will only hold off the authorities for so long. Sooner or later the wrong person will see through your disguise figure out who you are."

"Too bad," Cade said, "I really like it here in St. John's. I could see myself settling down and making this my home." Cade started to laugh again, but the serious look on Eddie's face stopped him. "So, uh, where did you say we were headed?"

"Manitoba, but first," Eddie said as he typed in a web address, "We're visiting Toronto for a few days."

"Why?" asked Cade.

Eddie pointed to his monitor, "Toronto Trek 15, a huge sci-fi convention. It's a great opportunity to distribute the Paranoid Times and recruit new believers."

Two days later, Cade and Eddie were standing in the lobby of the Regal Constellation, looking around.

Cade shoots Eddie a skeptical look. "Are you sure about this, Eddie? All I see is a bunch of weirdos dressed as Klingons! They're not gonna believe in real life aliens, they're geeks!"

"C'mon, Foster, these are exactly the kind of people we need... open-minded individuals with a background in sci-fi. And I'm a geek. Give us some credit, Buddy," Eddie grouched.

Cade shook his head and walked through the revolving doors. Eddie got caught in one of the other compartments and couldn't get out, causing Foster to go back and get him, amongst curious looks from several costumed guests. "Okay," Cade sighed, putting his hands in his pockets, "Where to now?"

"That banner says 'Toronto Trek' so I'm guessing this way," Eddie pointed to a large, white sign across the far hall. They walked through the reception area and came to a table under a sign that said 'Registration'.

"Here we go," Cade started to the table, but his friend stopped him.

"Nah, I pre-registered us, Foster."


"I sent ahead. But I don't know where that is so..." Cade and Eddie wandered around the floor searching for the pre-reg table, bickering back and forth.

"What's the difference?"

"I don't know! How should I know!?"

"Because you know everything!" Cade sulked as he walked, getting tired and quite annoyed. Eddie searched the area near the registration table again and the appeared to notice the stairs for the first time.

"Hey, Foster, let's see what's down here!" Cade and Eddie descended the stairs and found the pre-registration table. Cade nearly growled at the paranoid, who only shrugged and led him their lines.

Just then a young man walked by wearing a black T-shirt. "Foster! Look at that shirt!"

"Yeah, fits him nicely," Cade replied.

"No... look again! Read the back of the shirt!!!"

Foster turned and looked at the retreating figure of a man in jeans, wearing a unique shirt. "Does that say what I think it says??" His mouth hung open in astonishment. "Does that really say 'We know you're here'??! Quick, stop him. We need to find out what this is all about."

The two men moved swiftly, but carefully toward the other man. They positioned themselves on either side of the man and quickly steered him toward a vacant stairwell. "Guys, I have to warn you, I know martial arts!" They stopped short and looked the man over.

"Listen, we really need to ask you about your shirt..." started Eddie. Then he saw a red symbol on the front of the shirt. "You're Gua!" he shouted. "Those are Gua symbols. Foster, let's get out of here fast!"

"Whoa fellas," the man put his hands up in a placating gesture. "Look, this spells 'W-C', it stands for 'WaveCon'. It's a mini-convention of believers. We traveled all the way from Maryland to meet other believers at Toronto Trek."

His mouth agape, Cade looked at Eddie, who was standing there with a goofy grin on his face. "Foster, this goes waaay beyond my fondest hopes," cried Eddie.

"What do you mean, Eddie?" Cade asked his friend.

"Believers. Here, having a con just for us! Come on! We have to go!" Eddie turned back to Phil. "Hey where is this con?" Eddie asked, slowing down enough to realize he didn't know where to go.

"Go up to the second floor and walk to Salon 21, that's where they all are. Do you want me to tell them you're here?" Phil responded to Eddie's question.

"No thank you," Cade snapped into the conversation. "Eddie, come on!" Cade then got in line pulling Eddie along.

"Don Quixote and Larry Frohikey are our covers," Eddie informed Cade. "So go get in line with the 'Q's', Don," Eddie said stepping up in line.

When they were done, Cade and Eddie headed upstairs to the WaveCon. "Ready?" Eddie asked Cade who gulped before nodding, as they opened the door and walked in the room.

They stopped dead in their tracks with surprize-the room they looked at was decorated with First Wave symbols and a huge map was on the wall, which documented the journey of Cade according to his journals on the web. There was a second map, which showed the whole world. It had little lights going off and on, on all the continents. The room was buzzing with activity; several people with headsets were deviously communicating with off-site people and coordinating some unknown event. Computers and telephones were placed on several rows of tables and other members of this group were busy answering the ringing phones and inputting data into the computers.

Cade elbowed Eddie, who was standing in awe with his mouth open. "What is going on here?"

"Man, I have no idea, but if it is what I think, it would be outstanding, it would be huge!"

Cade nodded his head, still contemplating whether he wandered into yet another Gua Hallucination. Suddenly one of the busy people turned around and saw the two standing in the doorway.

"Look who wandered in," the person said, and like somebody turned a switch, all activity and talking stopped. Everybody just stared at Cade and Eddie standing there, who suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

A chubby short woman with bare feet bounced up to the immobile crusaders. "Hey! Oh, WOW. You're HERE! You're YOU!" She exclaimed enthusiastically as she grabbed their hands. "I'm Woody... or Kelly... or uh I chat under Djinnyeh... DJ'll do... you can call me whatever turns your crank, as long as you call me!" She winked and continued, "Jeez guys if we'd only known!! You guys, c'mon over here, you just gotta meet the gang! We've been dying to meet you two, eh?"

The hyperactive woman dragged Cade and Eddie to a small group of people with headsets. "James is the skinny kid with the dark hair. The big guy, that's Rob. And Heather is the quiet gal hiding behind the computer there. These three are the driving force behind our resistance. Without them we wouldn't even be here. Ok, I'll leave you guys to talk, I'm sure there is lots you two want to know, and I know James has lots he needs to ask you." The girl darted away, then did an abrupt about-face. "Hey guys, did you need anything? Coffee? Tea? Me?" Her eyes twinkled merrily. "Seriously, though, I was aboot to run downstairs for a jolt anyway... I can bring you back something, no problem."

"Wow, man," Eddie exclaimed, "You read my mind. Bring me back a couple Jolts."

Cade, still slightly dazed, just looked at Woody. She raised an inquisitive eyebrow àla Spock. "Uh... coffee... double sugar..." he stammered.

"Gotcha!" Woody grinned and zipped away.

Suddenly, a squid appeared and wounded James.

Luckily the lungfish was nearby. He sprang into action and bit the giant squid's head off, leaving James alive, but legless.

Meanwhile, Red joined the backbone of the resistance.

Woody burst into the room, carrying her cans of Jolt. "Watch out everyone, I just discovered Gua agents in the building!"

"Foster!" cried Eddie, "That explains the squid! It must be another Gua experiment. Squid assassin squads! No one would ever expect to be attacked by a squid. It's ingenious!!"

"Diabolical," said Heather. Everyone turned and stared at Heather, who, up until now, had not said a word.

"Get out the barrels of salt," Red shouted across the room looking up from tending to the wounded James. "I just injected James with a vial of Gua juice! His legs should grow back in no time." And sure enough, with a sizzling, bubbling noise, James' legs started growing, wiggling out of his body. Of course they were pale and undressed.

"Hey that's okay buddy," Eddie said. "Just get out there in the sun and that paleness will go away!"

"Eddie," Cade said, "There are Gua here! We gotta get these people to safety."

"Oh, take me!" Woody said, batting her eyes suggestively.

"Uh..." Cade said.

"Rob's got a headset," Karin said, who, up until now, had been even more silent than Heather (too busy looking at Cade, thinking 'Gee, he sure looks taller on TV...').

"Yeah, Rob--: James said, wiggling his newly grown feet, "Get on the security channel and call in an air strike from the Canadian Air Force. They will get rid of the Gua soon enough."

"And us!" Red said. "It'll blow us up!"

"Oh yeah," James said.

"Look," Cade said, taking charge as usual. "We'll lay a trap. Now that everyone knows that WaveCon isn't canceled, we'll coerce that Gua to the room and with our booby traps we'll waste 'em!"

"Great plan," Karin agreed. Of course, Cade could have suggested the entire crowd to leap over Niagara falls and it would've seemed like a great plan.

"Okay," Cade said. "Here's what I want everyone to do..."


The Gua, pretty, but stupid as they are (except Joshua), followed the Gua symbols pointing to salon 21. As soon as they stepped into the room, bullets of salt packets jettisoned from the mouth of a plaster painted lungfish. The packets exploded like tiny grenades. Soon the army of Gua dropped to the floor and started writhing and foaming at the mouth in a drug-induced ecstasy. Just enough time for Cade, Eddie, and all the Wavers (Believers) to poof them dramatically.

"We did it!" Eddie cried triumphantly.

"We sure did," Cade said, "Thanks to a dedicated bunch of friends."

"You're real welcome," The Wavers said.

"Here, have some Jolt!" Kelly offered.

And they partied on into the night...

"Oh," Karin said later to Cade, "Think you can call your brother and get him to show up?"

The End