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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ What is WaveCon?

WaveCon is the title of a mini-convention that is expected to be run for three days in the summer of 2001. It will be a place for fans of the show to come and discuss their favorite aspects or worst concerns about the television shows past, present, and future.

Where will this mini-convention be held?

WaveCon 2001 is going to be held at "Toronto Trek", a volunteer run convention that takes place in July of each year. This convention will be held in the city of Toronto at the Regal Constellation Hotel. For details on how to get there, please refer to the "Location" section of the WaveCon website.

What can we expect to find there?

Information coming soon...

Will there be any guest appearences by First Wave cast members?

We are in talks with the various cast members to see if any will be able to make an appearence at WaveCon, but at the moment we are unsure of whether any can join us. When we have the final answer we will post it on the website, so stay tuned...

How much will it cost to get in?

The price of admission is for the whole Toronto Trek convention and not the WaveCon itself. The price ranges from $25.00 to $40.00 if you pre-pay before their deadline. Where can I find information on Toronto Trek? For information on the Toronto Trek convention as a whole, please visit