EPISODE 01-03: "Mata Hari"
First Aired:

Canada: September 23, 1998
Australia: December 6, 1998
United States: April 2, 1999
New Zealand: July 9, 1999

Written: Scott Smith Miller
Directed: Brenton Spencer

Cade ventures to Boston and poses as a university student to find out more about a university genius who was found dead with "bubbles in his blood" (The Bends). He finds out about a planetary defense system that the student was working on,  in which satellites in orbit around the Earth are equipped with nuclear warheads, to use in the event of an alien invasion. A mysterious lady who is working for the aliens, is trying to destroy the satellites to cause a rain of nuclear material to enter the Earth's atmosphere, killing millions of people. Cade has to race against the clock to deactivate the self-destruct on the satellites.

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Quatrain 6, Century 8


Where ivory towers meet the eastern sea,
Young trees of knowledge will fall,
Crushed by the thorny vine of the red rose.