EPISODE 01-04: "Hypnotic"
First Aired:

Canada: September 30, 1998
Australia: December 13, 1998
United States: April 9, 1999
New Zealand: July 23, 1999

Paul Brown
Directed: Rene Bonniere

Cade ventures to Colorado and enters an alien abduction support group, whose members have had sexual abduction experiences. He discovers that their abductions were fabricated and implanted by hypnosis. The abducties begin experiencing "flashbacks" of their abductions through imagery. After finding out what triggers the abducties flashbacks, and attempts to de-program them. Cade finds out who implanted he memories and it just happens to be one of the aliens.

Quatrain 45, Century 3


The trickster seeds the mind with paralyzing terror,
bearing false witness to the bitter truth at hand.