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EPISODE 01-05: "Elixir"
First Aired:

Canada: October 7, 1998
Australia: December 20, 1998
United States: April 16, 1999
New Zealand: July 30, 1999

Written: Chris Brancato
Directed: Brenton Spencer

Cade, under the alias of Ben Grant. Travels to Calcasta Michigan to investigate the death of a beautiful, young women who was described as aging from 22 to 102. Cade uncovers a plot that uses an elixir (Hence the name of the episode.) to reverse the aging process of residents of an old-age home and use them as slaves. Instead, the elixir is discovered to be unstable and reverses the effect and accelerate aging to death.

Quatrain 13, Century Unknown


The younger woman shall surmount the old,
Between the lusty hearts of many men.
The precious drops quench the thirst of time,
Before the ugly truth shall take its toll.