EPISODE 01-07: "Lungfish"
First Aired:

Canada: October 22, 1998
Australia: January 3, 1999
United States: May 7, 1999
New Zealand: Unknown

Written: Daniel Howard Cerone
Directed: Brenton Spencer

After reading about a fish that can breathe out of water, Cade Foster investigates by going to the house of the finders of the bass. He discovers that the bass is just a guinea pig for a much larger project. The aliens plan to create a new breed of humans that can live and breath underwater, so that the aliens can gather fossil fuels and minerals to prepare for the aftertime.


Quatrain 32, Century 9


The fish that travels land and sea
Will be cast up on shore by a great wave.
Pestilence from the sky
Will drive multitudes into the ocean.