EPISODE 01-10: "Marker 262"
First Aired:

   Space: The Imagination Station, November 11th, 1998
   The New VR:
November 16th, 1998
United States: June 25, 1999

Written: Chris Brancato
Directed: Shaun Levy

Cade "Hall" ventures to Ashgrove, Missouri to investigate the disappearance of a man during a drag race on highway 714 around mile marker 262. He discovers that the area around 262 has an extremely high magnetic charge which has created an entrance to a "quantum pocket", which has been created by the Gua. While being pursued by the authorities, Cade accidentally strays onto highway 714 and through the 262 "gateway". After fighting Tommy, (The gua agent who was in charge of the marker) and destroying him, Cade escapes the quantum pocket and eventually returns to find that the Gua have removed it.

Quatrain 88, Century 9


Their doom was sealed at the gate.
Steel chariots vanished in still clear night.
Glorious terrain left undefended,
Till the river changes course.