CHRIS BRANCATO & ROB LABELLE - August 12th, 1999

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<Moderator> Chris?
<Moderator> Rob?
<Moderator> Welcome!!!

<Chris-Brancato> Hi
<Moderator> Can you type????
<Rob-LaBelle> Hi
<Moderator> Hi Chris!
<Moderator> Hi everyone -- thanks for joining us here tonight. We're gearing up for Sunday's FIRST WAVE marathon on The Sci-Fi Channel when six episodes are airing back-to-back. Our guests tonight are FIRST WAVE creator Chris Brancato and actor Rob Labelle who plays Crazy Eddie.
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<Moderator> Quick note about the drill -- this is a moderated chat and that means that you will be sending questions for Chris and Eddie to me (Moderator) as private messages.
<Moderator> First question:
<Moderator> Nei>: What was your inspiration for creating FW?

<Chris-Brancato> My inspiration came
<Chris-Brancato> out of a desire to fuse
<Chris-Brancato> 2 genres that I happened to like
<Chris-Brancato> --The fugitive pursuit...and a Twlight Z type of scifi
<Chris-Brancato> I like characters caught between a rock and hard place and stories about the human
<Chris-Brancato> condition -- as sf allows you to do
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Just so you all know
<Moderator> GA only means "Go aheadf"
<Moderator> Chris is not selling Georgia vacations!
<Moderator> AnnaSwan> : Are either of you left handed? We've noticed Cade's left-handedness and are wondering about the rest of you guys.
<Rob-LaBelle> Not if I can help it!
<Chris-Brancato> I'm not right-handed...just left footed
<Moderator> <Gmmas> Rob: your character adds welcome humor; do you see that role expanding?
<Chris-Brancato> We hadn't noticed Cade was left handed
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Did you see Gmmas' question for Rob?
<Moderator> I'll repeat it:
<Rob-LaBelle> I may have defer to our producer on that!
<Chris-Brancato> We think Rob's humor is a welcome addition.
<Moderator> <Gmmas> Rob: your character adds welcome humor; do you see that role expanding?
<Chris-Brancato> And we've sought to increase his role
<Chris-Brancato> in Cade's activities
<Moderator> Two related questions ...
<Moderator> <Ooshati>: Will Eddie ever get a girlfriend?
<Moderator> <Iasis> Is Cade ever going to "get over" the loss of his wife and have some sort of a love interest?
<Chris-Brancato> But at the same time... Cade is our hero...And LaBelle should remember that at contract time!
<Chris-Brancato> He never gets the girl!
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> A word to the wise, Mr LaBelle...
<Moderator> <Ooshati> : Chris: Will there be another ally regularly appearing in the show's future?
<Chris-Brancato> Hmmm...
<Chris-Brancato> The answqer is not right now
<Chris-Brancato> In part because the for,mat of the show doesn't allow
<Moderator> <scifime2> Rob are you anything like your character?
<Chris-Brancato> for a reccuring character like that...But Cade has a game plan
<Chris-Brancato> every week bringing believers to his side
<Chris-Brancato> At some point in the series I wouldn't be surprised if he calls on them to aid in the struggle
<Moderator> I'll repeat that question for Rob...
<Chris-Brancato> I think Cade understands that this is a lonely journey...and at this stage he protects the people who become believers
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> IF you're ready for the next!
<Moderator> <scifime2> Rob are you anything like your character?
<Rob-LaBelle> Yin and Yang
<Rob-LaBelle> I can make fun of myself...Eddie is clueless about that.
<Rob-LaBelle> Eddie doesn't drink...and Rob might...We're totally different!
<Chris-Brancato> I'd like to answer that!
<Moderator> Uh-oh...
<Chris-Brancato> I throuhly disagree with Rob's statement
<Chris-Brancato> Rob has no sense of humor about himself!
<Moderator> He lacks the humor chromosome!
<Moderator> Ready for the next?
<Chris-Brancato> And have any of you noticesd that Rob LaBelle and Roberto Begnini are never in the same place at the same time?
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <hernanamous> did Chris get to choose who acted the parts? if so why did he choose who he did and why?
<Chris-Brancato> We did a word wide search for the role of Cade Foster...Hundreds of actors auditioned live or on video Ultimately we found that Sebastian had the twin qualities right for the role
<Chris-Brancato> Those qualities -- aggression AND compassion
<Chris-Brancato> I think he does a wonderful job...As for Rob LaBelle...He was a college friend and needed a job desperately!
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <Morn64> : For Rob Labelle: Over the episodes I've notice that Eddie seems to be portrayed less and less paranoid. In "Aftertime" he literally welcomes an unknown woman into his trailer camp-out. Is there any particular reason for this?
<Moderator> Station identification: we're chatting tonight with FIRST WAVE's creator Chris Brancato and actor Rob LaBelle who plays "Crazy Eddie." Got a question for them? Please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message.
<Chris-Brancato> That was episode where he took more medication than usual...
<Rob-LaBelle> That's right!
<Rob-LaBelle> Eddie has a problem w/ beautiful women
<Rob-LaBelle> Even though he got burned by an alien chic k
<Rob-LaBelle> All I needed was a little encouragement from Foster
<Rob-LaBelle> It was a natural intuitive response to an beautiful woman
<Rob-LaBelle> Thank God...Human this time!
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> Rogue> <Chris> How did you come up with this concept of using the Nostrodomis proficies, or was it basically just that they were sitting there waiting tobe used?
<Chris-Brancato> I've always been curious about the prophesies and my partner Bert Salke liked the idae of using the quatrains like a riddle in each episode
<Chris-Brancato> It's interesting to have Cade and Eddie debate the meaning of these as the episode moves along
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <BestBrainsInc> Chris, what can we look forward to next season?
<Chris-Brancato> We can look forward to Cade Foster's growing frustration about the progress of his journey; to Joshua's growing ambivalance about his own mission--and to Foster and Eddie's growing belief that the 2nd Wave is VERY near
<Chris-Brancato> I'd like to stress that we constatntly seek to evolve and expand the show for your viewing pleasure
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <Brianxxx> : Do both of you believe in aliens for real
<Rob-LaBelle> Well, yeah, I definitely don't believe we're about to be invaded. But it would be arrogant to believer we're alone in the Universe. <Rob-LaBelle> But I won't blame them for all the woes of society -- nor in the millennial view are they the salvation of man.
<Chris-Brancato> Of course I believe in aliens. Just look around
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <Ooshati> Are there other aliens like Joshua out there?
<Chris-Brancato> I do believe that there
<Chris-Brancato> is a small
<Chris-Brancato> group of aliens
<Chris-Brancato> both here and on the home planet
<Chris-Brancato> who question the mission of their species
<Chris-Brancato> Howver
<Chris-Brancato> this group is very sma;ll
<Chris-Brancato> and would be subjected to immediate execution if discoivered
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <TJ> : Sebastain says he saw a ghost in rela life do youi know anything about that?
<Rob-LaBelle> I have no comment...
<Chris-Brancato> After a long hard work week, Sebastian sometimes drinks a few too many beers
<Rob-LaBelle> At which point we're never sure what he'll see
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> Sebastian (we hope!) is coming online his own self next month -- so you'll get a chance to ask him in person!
<Moderator> <SliderJMN>: I don't know if someone asked this already but do u guys ever visit the First Wave bboard or
chat room. And be honest. Do u know if the actor who plays Kade visit's them?
<Rob-LaBelle> I absolutely visit all the time
<Rob-LaBelle> Whener I'm not working
<Rob-LaBelle> I spend lots of time there. Seriously. On all the boards
<Rob-LaBelle> I think Sebastian visits the Sebastian website. The man...The actor...The god
<Moderator> Ready for the next?
<Chris-Brancato> I post fairly regularly on the SciFi site for FW. I've very appreciative of the fans, and especially appreciate all the comments and feedback. It means alot that you like the show and tell us what works and what doesn't
<Moderator> The First Wave bbs -- for all of you asking! -- is one of The Sci-Fi Channel's fine assortment of message baords. Follow the link from the home page (it's on the menu to the left)
<Rob-LaBelle> I really appreciate reading the bbs after an episode airs. I've noticed CrazedEdward visits with regularly too or El Loco Eduardo
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> <cb>: To Chris and Rob, I really enjoy First Wave. What will the 2nd Wave bring to Cade and Eddi, and humans for that matter? <Chris-Brancato> Well, the 2nd Wave, should it succeed will potentially bring about the death of 19 million humans on the first day.
<Chris-Brancato> That's the battle plan based on simulations
<Chris-Brancato> Id Cade and Eddie are unsuccessful
<Chris-Brancato> it will surely signal the beginning of thuman kinds darkest days
<Chris-Brancato> I can also say this
<Chris-Brancato> When the 2nd Wave comes
<Chris-Brancato> it will be unlike any kind of invasion you've ever seen in the world of sci fi
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <busydaze> why was one of the aliens sympathetic to Cade-beside being able to identify with his mission(after all it is an alien) <Chris-Brancato> Well, I think that while most of the aliens have a rather fascistic mindset
<Chris-Brancato> there are some who remember a time that wasn't so actively military
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Ooshati> : Chris or Rob: Any anecdotes about making the show(Jokes, flubbed lines, bloopers, etc.)?
<Chris-Brancato> Rob flubs his line constantly The outtakes of his mistakes could fill 22 episodes
<Rob-LaBelle> Well, I think that I guess on the 1st job...trying to look good

<Moderator> Uh oh -- Jackie Chan! White courtesy telephone...
<Rob-LaBelle> we were shooting Crazy Eddie and Cade and Eddie had just destroyed Gentec and had jumped in Crazy's Caddy to get out fast
<Rob-LaBelle> During a rehearsal Sebastian and I jumped in the car -- I was driving -- I put the peddle to the metal in reverse
<Rob-LaBelle> I attempted to brake But the car accellerated
<Rob-LaBelle> Brakes weren't working...We went faster, and faster, and faster
<Rob-LaBelle> I managed to avoid the piles of concrete
<Rob-LaBelle> But I hit the Craft Serrvices van narrowly missing the services person who was taking Chris coffee
<Rob-LaBelle> The star of the show was doubled up in pain...He SEEMED hurt...
<Chris-Brancato> That explains why Eddie never drives anymore

<Moderator> And why no one will get you coffee anymore!
<Moderator> Ready for the next?
<Rob-LaBelle> I must say, though I was the butt of jokes throughout BC...Actually the engine block was loose...It wasn't my fault!
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> Uh huh. Right. SURE.
<Moderator> GeNeTicHaCkeR>: To Rob: Do you find inspiration from your own charater that has effected you in any way??
<Moderator> Station identification: we're chatting tonight with FIRST WAVE's creator Chris Brancato and actor Rob LaBelle who plays "Crazy Eddie." Got a question for them? Please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message.
<Moderator> And -- be sure to tune into the FIRST WAVE marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel this Sunday.
<Moderator> 6 episodes back-to-back!
<Rob-LaBelle> Yes. I see the world in such a different way. I cry constantly... I'm afraid of everyone...I've lost all hope for humanity...Eddie has stolen my soul and seeped into my core...I'm a better actor for it...It's the writing. It's so disturbing...But seriously I really enjoy Eddie
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> <Sarjenka> : Any chance we will ever see the alien's home planet? If even via a dream?
<Chris-Brancato> Good question
<Chris-Brancato> It is my belief
<Chris-Brancato> that we may indeed catch a glimpse of the alien world
<Chris-Brancato> Keep watching to find out!
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <smushybutt> What's it like being a part of a Coppola project
<Chris-Brancato> Woeking with Francis
<Chris-Brancato> was a personal draem of mine
<Chris-Brancato> after all, my last name is Brancato...and I've watched the Godfather 500 times
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <sparrow>: Rob, what first made you intested in acting
<Moderator> Don't tell that to Tony Soprano, Chris...
<Rob-LaBelle> Old radio shows...I listen to radio yesteryear as a kid
<Rob-LaBelle> It got my imagination going
<Rob-LaBelle> And old 8mmm silent films from the library
<Rob-LaBelle> And I had 3 sisters who were interested in acting
<Rob-LaBelle> I'd see them in plays
<Rob-LaBelle> My eldest is doing community theater... They're total clowns
<Rob-LaBelle> Once I started...It was an afflication. No cure
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> <Morn64> : Chris, have you considered making a hockey episode of First Wave? I've noticed that Cade has had some background in the sport.
<Chris-Brancato> You know we're going to be at San Diego Comic Convention this weekend!
<Moderator> Great venue!!!
<Moderator> I'd sell my oldest kid to go to that convention.
<Moderator> But what about HOCKEY???
<Chris-Brancato> I've considered that...But hockey is so popular in Vancouver, we can't get a rink to shoot an episode, which typically takes 7 days to shoot
<Chris-Brancato> I was intrigued by the notion of an alien with the worl'd greatest slapshot
<Chris-Brancato> At the begiining of the show Casde always used the names of NHL stars as an alias
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <TJ> Rob do you like working with all the gadgets and being a critical part in Cades Journey to stop the First Wave?
<Rob-LaBelle> Absolutely. There's alot of work wqhen you're dealing with these guys. They're techo-geeks...Not just the resources for tracking and avoid being tracked -- If I can help Cade in that way I'm doing what I can to stop the first wave
<Rob-LaBelle> GA
<Moderator> Migueleto> your favorite Sci fi book and movie ?? (We know FIRST WAVE is your favorite show!)
<Rob-LaBelle> I've
<Rob-LaBelle> gotta go...Night
*** Rob-LaBelle leave
<Chris-Brancato> But I'm still here
<Moderator> Good night, Rob!
<Moderator> Thanks for joining us!
<Moderator> We're glad you are, Chris.
<Moderator> Wht's yr favorite sci fi???
<Chris-Brancato> Just a sec...
<Moderator> You still with us, Chris??
<Moderator> Let's do the station break!
<Moderator> Station identification: we're chatting tonight with FIRST WAVE's creator Chris Brancato and actor Rob LaBelle who plays "Crazy Eddie." Got a question for them? Please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message. And donšt forget -- the FIRST WAVE marathon is this Sunday. Six episodes back to back on The Sci Fi Channel.
<Moderator> PLUS --
<Chris-Brancato> I'm not sure if this qualifies...But my favorite show has always been Twilight Zone
<Moderator> we're auctioning off autographed scripts from FIRST WAVE...
<Chris-Brancato> I love the way Serling explored the human condition in ways that were both scary and emotiuonally powerful
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Ooshati> : Chris: Who comes up with the individual quatrains?
<Chris-Brancato> In general they are either slightly reworked from the original...Or...I make them up entirely
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <cuddles>: will cade get the proof he needs to clear his name?
<Chris-Brancato> I'm not at liberty to let you know at the present moment. But I vew Cade's journey as a hero's journey. A test of what it is to be human
<Chris-Brancato> If Cade is able through this journey to be wise and strong and learn from his mistakes
<Chris-Brancato> Then I do see it as a possibility--that he willl regain hsi freedom... But it's not a given. He'll have to earn it
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Brianxxx> Is Foster's wife still alive just under alien control or is she dead for good?
<Chris-Brancato> At the present moment I can't answer that with any degree of assurance...although there is nothing yet to suggest that she's still alive except in memories and dreams
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> <Nei>: What is your feelings on all of the comparisons to the X-Files?
<Chris-Brancato> I think we've made a show that is its own animal
<Chris-Brancato> At the same time, comparisond to X-Files are natural given the fact that both are sf and I wrote for X-Files
<Chris-Brancato> In my opinion both X-Files and First Wave are unique and compelling in there own ways
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> Rogue> : <Chris or Rob> Did it surprise you that this concept would catch on or was is a given with as many sci-fi nuts as there are out here?
<Chris-Brancato> I never take an audience fpor granted
<Chris-Brancato> I think we've managed to attract intelligent fans to the show because of wonderful actors
<Chris-Brancato> and story lines that give yoiu something to think about
<Moderator> <donaldftanner> : I would like to know if the series was inspired by the clasic 1960s series "THE FUGITIVE" and "THE INVADERS." I see similar story lines throughout the show.
<Chris-Brancato> Certainly First Wave was inspired by the Fugitive series. Strangely I've never seen The Invaders, though many people have told me of the similarity
<Moderator> Chris -- thanks so much for spending time with us here tonight! As always, it was a great chat. And thanks to everyone in the audience -- if yr question wasn't answered, that's because we had a LOT of questions tonight.
<Chris-Brancato> I like to think that First Wave however similar it may be to previous shows is its own original take on an age old dilemma. A man who needs to tell the world a terrible secret when the world he's trying to save doesn't want to believe him.
<Chris-Brancato> GA
<Moderator> The FIRST WAVE marathon is this Sunday --
<Moderator> six episodes back to back!
<Chris-Brancato> As always, I really enjoy speaking with you guys
<Moderator> For those of you who watch the show on The Sci-Fi Channel.
<Chris-Brancato> In the writer's office where I'm standing
<Moderator> We love talking to you so come back soon please!
<Chris-Brancato> I think you be gratified to know how much time we spend
<Chris-Brancato> trying to come up with thing that interest you
<Chris-Brancato> Your support means alot to us
<Chris-Brancato> I hope if you like the show you'll go out and tell friends to watch
<Moderator> I think the fact that you read what your fans have to say is very ,very cool --
<Moderator> and I know everyone in the audience agrees with me.
<Moderator> Thanks so much Chris!
<Chris-Brancato> Word of mouth is vital to the success of our show...We don't have the built in audience of the Big 3 networks
<Moderator> Remember -- the FIRST WAVE marathon is this Sunday on the Sci-Fi Channel, six episodes back to back.
<Chris-Brancato> We'll keep working as hard as we can in season's 2 & 3!
<Chris-Brancato> Thanks!
<Moderator> And we are auctioning off some autogrpahed FIRST WAVE scripts !!
<Moderator> Check 'em out:
<Chris-Brancato> Good night!
<Moderator> Good night, Chris!
<Moderator> I'm going to open up the room again.
<Moderator> You've been a terrific audience -- and yep, there will be a transcript available.
<Moderator> Keep your eye on the transcript section of the Chat page.