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Chat with FIRST WAVE's Sebastian Spence 9/9 9 PM ET
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(Moderator) Can you type, Sebastian??
(Sebastian) Yes
Moderator) Great!
(Moderator) Hi everyone -- thanks for joining us here tonight. Our guest tonight is FIRST WAVE star Sebastian Spence. It was tough to get him to join us because he's in practically EVERY scene that FIRST WAVE shoots -- as Cade Foster, alien Hunter and man on the run! Cade is mankind's only hope of stopping annihilation at the hands of alien invaders. QUITE a responsibility!
(Moderator) Brief word about the drill -- this is a moderated chat and that means you will be sending your questions for Sebastian as private messages to me. I'll add them to the queue.
(Moderator) <slidecat>: what did you think when the powers that be first came up to you and asked you to play CADE?

(Sebastian) At fiorst I didn't know what to think
(Sebastian) To get a leading role in a series was pretty freaky
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <scifime2> : How do you keep in shape for the role of Cade Foster?
(Sebastian) Definitely lots of work
(Sebastian) I'm not generally athletic
(Sebastian) but now I try to get to the gym as much as possible
(Sebastian) With the hours on FW that isn't easy. I rarely get a chance to work out as much as I should
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <GeNeTicHaCkeR> : Sebastian: What exactly did you have to do to get your part as Cade?? ( in other words, how was the audition??)
(Sebastian) I went through two major auditions for Cade
(Sebastian) One in Toronto
(Sebastian) and the second in Vancouver -- a screen test
(Sebastian) The screen test was very difficult
(Sebastian) It was three scenes
(Sebastian) one of them was five pages long and was just Cade performing for a group of security salesmen
(Sebastian) I only made it through completely and didn't think I'd done well at all
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Vertigo>: What is your favorite episodes/stories of the 1st season of the show
(Sebastian) I favorite two
(Sebastian) are Subject 117
(Sebastian) and Crazy Eddie
(Sebastian) the stories themselves were great
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <crowman>: How does it feel to have the fate of the whole world ,and possidly the whole galaxy, on your show. (from the point of view from your character)
(Sebastian) Very daunting. As you well can imagine it's hard to picture that situation as a normal human, or even as an actor
(Sebastian) GA

Moderator) <veronica-t> : are there any scenes you found difficult to do?
(Sebastian) There were scenes in all the episodes, not in any one particular episode that were very difficult
(Sebastian) Some of the characters I encounter as Cade became very endearing to Cade and losing some of them in the stories
(Sebastian) and the emotional connection was difficult at times
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <EltonBeleye> : After tomarrow's episode will firstwave be retitle secondwave?
(Sebastian) No... No changes :)... But we're into the second phase!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <MaryFX>: Do you do your own stunts?
(Sebastian) Not generally
(Sebastian) But because Cade is not a martial artist alot of the physicalness, I can do myself
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Morn64>: I've heard that in the second season, Cade will be getting over the death of his wife and moving on. Is this true?
(Sebastian) orrect
(Sebastian) In the episode The Box
(Sebastian) Cade exacts revbenge for the murder of his wife by killing the alien that did it
(Sebastian) He's freed and can heal after that
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <crowman> : how does your character resist the temptation of all the beutiful women that you talk to in the show?
(Sebastian) <laughing> At times it can be very difficult
(Sebastian) I the character has alot of self control
(Sebastian) GA

Moderator) <redvenus> : On behalf of all the female fans from the Sebastian Spance List, How did you get those two scars in your face?
(Sebastian) Long story...
(Moderator) For latecomers: our guest tonight is FIRST WAVE star Sebastian Spence. If you have a question for Sebastian, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message.
(Sebastian) The one over my eye ,,,in grade 3...a fight with a guy named Aubrey Parrot
(Sebastian) The scar on the chin was another fight...3 or 4 years ago, outside a nightclub in Vancouver...Needless to say I lost the 2nd fight.
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <trinity> to <Moderator>: Will there be any character introduced as a possible love interest
(Sebastian) The writers have talked about that but they haven't told me. They keep throwing attractive actresses my way in the mix. Ultimately I don't know if they'll ever let me know who might become the love interest
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Zarpell> : What makes First Wave different from other alien conspiracy shows like X-Files?
(Sebastian) I would think the biggest difference are not only the stories themselves but also the human elements. The Cade character if you will compared to that of Mulder
(Sebastian) I like to think that Cade is more compassionate and caring
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Callisto>: Do you believe in Notradamuse's predictions? I mean the ones that artually real, not the one made up by the show.
(Sebastian) I did when I was a teen. We grew up in the shasow of the cold war and nukes. Very threatening. N predicted a 3rd World War, and we believed given the circumstances of the time
(Sebastian) GA

Moderator) <Buffy>: Do you think aliens really excist?
(Sebastian) Part of me does
(Sebastian) The other part of me is too realistic.
(Sebastian) Unless I personally meet one I'll be skeptical
(Sebastian) But these days I'm inclined to believe :)
(Sebastian) .GA

(Moderator) <Harlock>: What is this story about you having see a ghost, Seb?
(Sebastian) <Laughing> My family lived in a haunted house in Statford ON. My father never told us the place was haunted until we moved out
(Sebastian) They would always leave me to babnysit my younger brother
(Sebastian) and on countless occassions I swear I saw ghosts
(Sebastian) Of course I was staying in the ghost's bedroom as well
(Sebastian) A girl had committed suicide in the house
(Sebastian) The ghost was well documented
(Sebastian) So yes. I honestly have seen a ghost
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <MaryFX>: There are such interesting camera angles and extreem close-ups, slow-mo, etc.. done in this show, does the way the show is shot pose any particular challenges for the actors?
(Sebastian) I would say when they get into close-ups there tends to be a bit more work to the acting. But playing to the camera in FW is ALWAYS a challange. The directors who come on the show all want the show to be very origin. Every episode there's a different bit of camera work
(Sebastian) It keeps me on my toes
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Morn64>: Is there anything you would like to change about the character of Cade Foster?
Moderator) (For anyone who's wondering -- Sebastian is not advertising vacations in Georgia! GA is shorthand for "go ahead.")
(Sebastian) Some of things I'd like to change about Cade I'm addressing this season. Arming himself before he walks in obn aliens, and the way he deals with the frustration in the story lines
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Monkeys>: > <Monkeys>How many hours do you work per week on the show?
(Sebastian) Wow. 12-14 hours a day M-F... But each night I hacve to learn ten pages of lines. My homework. I eat and sleep Cade all week lonmg. The weekends hardly seem like rest. Then I'm back on the set
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <redvenus>: How is it to work with Rob LaBelle, is he a little bit like Crazy Eddie, or just a fantastic actor?
(Sebastian) Who, Roberto Bennigni?
(Sebastian) It's wonderful working with Rob
(Sebastian) My favorite days on set are when I'm doing scenes with Crazy. I love the interplay. Yes, he's somewhat Like Eddie. Lot's of energy. And he's charming to be around.
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <crowman>: is it just me or is crazy eddie become a little annoyed of your character. will there be an argument in the future between them or will it just pass over?
(Sebastian) Sibling rivalry!
(Sebastian) We have explored the interplay more extremely in season 2
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <MelodyBriscoe>: I know you like to write is there any hope you will write a script for the show?
(Sebastian) I've certainly tossed ideas around. But because I spend all my time playing the role I never get a chance to really fully explore the idaes I do have high hopes of directing an episode in season 3... If the power that be ;let me!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <starfigment>: What is your favorite genre to write in? - novels, short stories, screenplays
(Sebastian) Screenplays. I co,me from a colorful background. Both my parents were playwrites. I started actiung in my mother's plays
(Sebastian) Screenplays are definmmitely where it's at for me
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <bbKarret>: Rob had a funny story about crashing the car during the filming of Crazy Eddie. Got any flubs, horror stories, terrible practical jokes, etc. from the set?
(Sebastian) The car story actually is a pretty good one. Rob will never live it down. Everytime you see his car in the show you can be sure a joke is made about Eddie trying to kill Cade
(Sebastian) and ME!

(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Siroun>: Sebastian is such a long name, not very common. Do you have a nick-name?
(Sebastian) Bass is my nickname
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Moreta>: Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
(Sebastian) I was born in St Johns, and I grew up on an island called Random Island, off the coast of the Maine Island. But my dad was a writers, so we traveled east to west across Canada. A lot of my youth was in St Johns
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Rachael>: Did you intend on being an actor or did you just fall into it from B of St. Vincent?
(Sebastian) I was given a role in one of my mom's plays when I was 17 in St Johns. She wanted me to make some money. A small part. From there it's all history. I caught the bug!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) For latecomers: our guest tonight is FIRST WAVE star Sebastian Spence. If you have a question for Sebastian, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message.
(Moderator) <Morn64>: Can you tell us anything about Cade Foster's background? parents? any siblings? religion?
(Sebastian) As far as Cade's background. We're fleshing that out now. Not a wonderful childhood. His dad was abusive. His mother died of cancer when he was young.
(Sebastian)) He was in and out of kiddie jails
(Sebastian) And that led him to become a thief
(Sebastian) I think however his childhood gives him strength as a man and allows him to confront the alien threat with an inner conviction and compassion
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <bbKarret>: What kind of input do you have on the character and what kind of changes has your input resulted in?
(Sebastian) We have a great deal of input. The writers tell the stories, but the actrs who come on-board get a chance to perform as they see the character themselves
(Sebastian) I've enjoyed great latitude and leeway with Cade
(Sebastian) The writers are interested in what we bring to a role. If they don't like it...The dircetor steps in
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Harlock>: Bass, you seem to have not only quite the female following on the web, but also a considerable gay following. What are your thoughts on that?
(Sebastian) I think it's great. That I can portray a chacter that's both heroic and sensitive and compassionate enough to attract people of all genders
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Seadra17>: Will there be any episodes where you lose your memory?
(Sebastian) <laughing> That wouldn't surprise me... But not as of yet!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <GeNeTicHaCkeR> : Sebastian: What parts of your character Cade have you found affecting your everyday life/attitude??
(Sebastian) I think sometimes I get frustrated by not having the time to deal
(Sebastian) w/ my personal life...this comes through in Cade's charcter--who has ample frustration to begin with. Coupled with my own its sometimes hard to take
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <SliderJMN> : Do u have your own website? or is there a place where we can send u fan letters and u actually read it?
(Sebastian) That is frustration on and off set!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) Did you catch the website/fan mail question, Sebastian?
(Sebastian) <laughing> Belive it or not. I recieve all of my fan mail -- through one route or another. I don't know of a "best" place to send it. I'm sure that any of the addresses of the show work. I promise it will reach me.
(Sebastian)) If anything, it's hard to keep up with the mail.
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Nei>: How do you feel about all this newfound attention and attraction from the fans?
(Sebastian) I love the fact that the show is doing well, and that people like Cade. The new found attention is unsettling. I'm not a very outgoing person. Being recognised on the street makes me blush. Ironic considering the situation. Very out of character
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) For latecomers: our guest tonight is FIRST WAVE star Sebastian Spence. If you have a question for Sebastian, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message.
(Moderator) <bbKarret>: What's your opinion on the whole celebrity-privacy matter? Just the price you pay or something that should be more respected by journalists, fans and the like?
(Moderator) Did you see that question, Sebastian?
(Sebastian) I don't mind being acknowledged in public. I get freaked when I forget when I'm in public and I don't realise WHY people recognise me. In an airport a guy stared at me for the longest time, and I couldn't image why? Then he asked if I was on FW and I realised that people watch me just because I',m me. I like my personal privacy
(Sebastian) My private life is not Cades
(Sebastian) But I don't mind talking about Cade or the show, or aliens!
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <NickChick>: Are there any plans for First Wave novelizations?
(Sebastian) No. I don't know. Hope there will be a feature film though!
(Sebastian)) GA

(Moderator) <slidecat> to <Moderator>: any action figures comics etc in the works for FIRST WAVE?
(Sebastian) Bel;ivbe it or not, the topic has come up!
(Sebastian) Very weird
(Sebastian) Cade Foster as He-Man
(Sebastian) They can never seem to get the dolls to look like real people
(Sebastian) I dn't know if I like the idea
(Sebastian) GA
(Sebastian) Carrie Fisher gave an interview once where she blamed Princess Leia action figures for a nervous breakdown.

(Moderator) <Nei> : If you weren't an actor, what other career would you have chosen?
(Sebastian) My point well taken moderator!
(Sebastian) I'm not sure what I might have done...Writing...Or somethiong to do with the sea
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Babyboda>: Sebastian, are you working on anything else besides First Wave?
(Sebastian) A couple projects coming up. But they're still in development. I can't comment on them until later
(Sebastian) GA

(Moderator) <Morn64>: Have you ever visited the First Wave sites on the net or sites dedicated to you personally?
(Sebastian) I've browsed them briefly. My brother Fergus is a reasearcher/writer on the show. He's a bit of a computer guy. So he occassionally shows me the sites and all the net stuff that's out there on FW. Generally I find it too daunting to see all that stuff about my self
(Sebastian)) GA

(Moderator) Final question for the evening:
(Moderator) <tblack13>: Why is Cade the "twice blessed" man?
(Moderator) <Nei> : What
(Moderator) Whoops!

(Sebastian) Oh godf
(Sebastian) I knew you'd ask that

(Moderator) (That was one of yours we already asked, Nei! :-)
(Moderator) So you MUST have prepared an answer!
* Moderator smiles
(Sebastian) There are fans volunteering to give you hints!
(Sebastian) Cade is the twice blessed man, once because he was saved by his wife Hannah from a life of crime, and twice because he was the only subject of the 117 to survive the alien experiment. And savcing mankind is worth at least two blessing. They come up with this stuff... I just Act!!!

(Moderator) Sebastian, thanks!
(Moderator) This has been a great chat -- and you have been a most forthcoming and gracious guest.
(Sebastian) I'd like to thank you all for watching the show and being such devote fans. I'll come back again sometime!
(Sebastian) Good night!

(Moderator) Folks -- there's a FIRST WAVE marathon coming up!
(Moderator) Six episodes back to back on the Sci Fi Channel this Sunday, Sept 12!!!
(Moderator) Thanks again for joining us.
(Moderator) A LOT of questions got asked -- and unfortunately we could not get to them all.
(Moderator) Also sometimes a question (or one like it) was asked at an earlier time during the chat.
(Moderator) So I didn't repeat the question because Sebastian already answered it.,
(Moderator) So please don't forget to check out the transcript.
(Moderator) Thanks again for joining us here tonight.
(Moderator) You were a GREAT audience