Sebastian Spence AOL UK Chat - January 11th, 2000

UKMCLive: Good evening everyone and welcome to AOL LIVE where we ask the celebrities your questions. Tonight we are joined by Sebastian Spence, alias Cade Foster, the star of the new science-fiction series First Wave which is produced by Francis Ford Coppola.
UKMCLive: Good evening Sebastian Spence and welcome to AOL LIVE. Before we take a look at the first question, would you like to say a few words to everyone out there?

LIVESebastian: Thank you for all participating in the live chat and for taking an interest in the show.

UKMCLive: Our first question... Question: What can we expect from First Wave? What is the basic storyline?

LIVESebastian: The story of Cade Foster who becomes subject 117 in an alien experiment, basically the story is that the aliens have landed on the planet and are preparing to take over. The First Wave is that the aliens are trying to secretly lay the groundwork for invasion.

UKMCLive: Danica is way ahead and asks... Question: Have you finished filming the 2nd season and do you think there will be a 3rd season?

LIVESebastian: Yes have finished shooting the 2nd season and will be going into production for the 3rd season in February of this year.

UKMCLive: JMB asks...
UKMCLive: How does the character you play, Cade Foster, feel about holding the fate of the whole world in his hands?

LIVESebastian: Very daunting! Sort of like being abducted by aliens and nobody believing him.

UKMCLive: Chris Weasel would like to know... Question: What is different between your sci-fi series and others?

LIVESebastian: The difference is that we try and tell stories with a sci-fi back drop, most of the stories having human themes as opposed to some other sci-fi shows that rely on special effects and technical jargon.

UKMCLive: Jon1900 asks... Question: As a subscriber to the Unofficial First Wave Newsletter, just wondering if you've had a chance to take a look at it with your busy schedule?

LIVESebastian: Most of the time I am so busy shooting that I don't get a chance to explore the newsletters and websites that have been generated by the show, my younger brother Fergus is a bit of a computer nut and keeps me informed of what's going on out there.

UKMCLive: James would like to know... Question: Have you had the privilege of meeting the legendary Francis Ford Coppola? If so what is he like?

LIVESebastian: Yes at a press conference in L.A. I was very overwhelmed to meet Mr Coppola and I found him very genuine and charming.

UKMCLive: Mehos516 asks... Question: What aspects of Cade's character are the most fun for you as the actor to develop?

LIVESebastian: I have the opportunity to develop a character from scratch. In the first episode Cade's life is turned upside down, from there on in his life is changed forever due to the alien experiment that he was apart of. His wife was murdered and he was framed for that murder and the subsequent emotional damage created by that allowed me to take the character wherever I wanted him to go.

UKMCLive: Tennants67 is asking about your future... Question: What are your goals for the next 5 years in your career?

LIVESebastian: Feature film.

UKMCLive: Good evening everyone and welcome to AOL LIVE where we ask the celebrities your questions. Tonight we are joined by Sebastian Spence, alias Cade Foster, the star of the new science-fiction series First Wave which is produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Question: When will the next series of first wave be shown in the UK?

LIVESebastian: Thursday 13th January at 8:05pm on Channel 5.

UKMCLive: Jon1900 would like to know... Question: You're in great shape, what do you do to keep fit?

LIVESebastian: I get to the gym as much as possible and the show is quite physical. Cade Foster being a fugitive keeps me on the run in the show - literally.

UKMCLive: We have a love question next...
UKMCLive: Will a character been introduced at any stage to play Cade Fosters love interest?

LIVESebastian: As the series progresses Cade gets over the death of his wife and does subsequently have a few love interests in the show, but none that pan-out. I think the characters destined to be lonely!

UKMCLive: Tornado Jet 03 is curious... Question: Do you get along with the other actors?

LIVESebastian: I have the opportunity to work with many talented actors all of whom to date I've gotten along with fabulously. My favourite actor to work with is Rob LaBelle who plays crazy Eddie on the show.

UKMCLive: JCdm99 asks... Question: Are you interested in sci-fi or the Nostradamus prophesies?

LIVESebastian: I've always been interested in sci-fi. My favourite film ever is Blade Runner. As we have moved into the new millennium, Nostradamus predictions scare me now as much as they did people 500 years ago.

UKMCLive: Here is a fan... Question: Many greetings from the, when will the filming of the new episodes in Vancouver resume?

LIVESebastian: February 7th 2000.

UKMCLive: D 3D 17 asks... Question: What film FX company does the special effects for this show? LIVESebastian: We use many special effects companies, some for prosthetics and make-up, and others for explosions and visual effects.
UKMCLive: A comment from... Question: Your lllluuuuuvvvvvly send me a photo of you please?

LIVESebastian: You can get photos from the First Wave website Question: Do you think that there is life on other planets?
LIVESebastian: Absolutely. What human beings are the only intelligent life form created from the big bang theory? I don't think so.

UKMCLive: Many people are asking... Question: Do you have any input on the script for the show or the character you play?

LIVESebastian: I keep an open line of discussion with the creator and writer Chris Brancato. We discuss plot lines and Chris is very open to any ideas or suggestions that I have.

UKMCLive: LC958 is in line for the cards... Question: When is your birthday?

LIVESebastian: December 9th. Same as Billy The Kidd. Question: Is there a particular episode in the first season in which you enjoyed filming the most?
LIVESebastian: I still enjoyed filming the first episode the most, it has a special place in my heart. UKMCLive: CybeberJXX asks... Question: Has your mother given you advice as how to play Cade?

LIVESebastian: My mother makes suggestions and gives me ideas but mostly hates to watch me get beaten up on the show.

UKMCLive: Dancia would like to know more... Question: The bodies that the Aliens use, are they meant to be clones?

LIVESebastian: The aliens have created human husks which house their consciousnesses.

UKMCLive: HJON999 would like to know... Question: Are you aiming for big time in Hollywood next?

LIVESebastian: Why not!

UKMCLive: A Girlie question okay?... Question: The girls would like to know, boxers or briefs?

LIVESebastian: Boxers.

UKMCLive: Tiggerbabe asks... Question: What other TV shows have you been in?

LIVESebastian: I did a series called Fast Track, which was based on the Nascar circuit. I played a young race car driver, but the series didn't take off.

UKMCLive: Kerbdog asks... Question: What music do you like? LIVESebastian: Everything from classical to contemporary madness.
UKMCLive: And a further chat up line from LC958... Question: Sebastian, are you single at the moment?

LIVESebastian: That's for me to know and you to find out.

UKMCLive: Sebastian... Question: How are you coping with fame and the attention from your fans? Do you fear that you will not be able to walk down the street without being harassed?

LIVESebastian: I spend too much time working to be on the street to be recognised, but I hope I don't have to deal with not being able to walk down the street.

UKMCLive: Thank you to Sebastian Spence and to you all for your questions. First Wave will start on Thursday 13th January at 8.05pm on Channel 5. Meanwhile, check out the website at From Sebastian Spence and all of us at AOL LIVE, it is goodnight.

LIVESebastian: Thanks to all the First Wave fans out there, and knowing you enjoy the show as much as I enjoy working on it is great. I'm extremely flattered.