Bartender: Welcome to Spacebar, so what are you doing here, what are you promoting?

Traci: I'm here to promote a new series, First Wave..which of course is on the Space channel...

Bartender: ah yes we get that here (chuckles)

Simon: what a coincidence

Traci: I play Jordan Radcliffe, and I've joined Cade Foster to fight the Gua and save the planet.

Bartender: Oh I see so your an ally of Cade to fight the aliens, ok well I happen to know something about First Wave. On First Wave, every time anybody is attractive, and your an attractive women. Anytime anyboday who's attractive shows up,eventually they turn out to be bad.

Traci: Well it's just so much more fun being bad (laughter), and I happen to be really good at it!

Bartender: What's the secret to playing a really bad character, a bad villain, is there any trick?

Traci: Well I dont think Jordan Radcliffe is bad, I think she's very very passionate. I'm the leader of an underground army that wants to stop the alien invasion. I am completely pro-cade foster. We are his army, he just doesnt know it yet, and we join forces. I think Jordan Radcliffe is a lot like Cade Foster mabye was in the very first season of First Wave, in that she's got a huge chip on her shoulder. I come from a really wealthy family so I can finance my mission in life which is to destroy the Gua.

Bartender: So your kinda like the female batman?

Traci: I'm kinda like Lara Croft meets Linda Hamilton meets Traci Lords!

Simon: Sounds like a kick-ass chick!

Bartender: Hows that for a sales line huh?!
So Traci let me ask you, you've done a lot of sci fi here and there, that type of genre. Do you like that kinda thing?

Traci: I love it

Bartender: Why?

Traci: Because it's not a really big stretch for me as far as having to find a way to believe in aliens or spirits or ghosts or whatever else is out there. I'm not one of those people that think we're the only species on the planet. I liked the idea and I've explored the idea that there is something else out there. I like playing vampires and killers and angels and devils.

Bartender: The answer to the david duchovney question is "Yes! she's a believer!"

Traci: Right!

Bartender: So tell me about the people you work with on First Wave, are there really any aliens?

Traci: Oh I'm convinced Roger Cross is an alien, I have to give him the salt test. I havent gotten around to it. Mabye at lunch I'll give him the salt test.
Bartender: I was watching this other television show, I have no ideas of my own...

Simon: for real

Bartender: yah its, its true.
I saw this show called "Inside the Actors Studio" and they ask all these great quastions and it generally turns out to be a good interview, so I'm just gonna steal their questions!

Traci: oh no!

Bartender: First question, what is your favourite word?

Simon: (Whispers) ....Simon...

Traci: Simon! (Laughs)

Bartender: Whats your least favourite word?

Traci: My least favourite word...Hate.

Bartender: Whats your favourite swear word?

Traci: I cant really say can I?

My favourite Swear word or the one I say the most?

Bartender: Your favourite.

Traci: My favourite swear word is Jack-ass.

Bartender: What sound or noise to you love?

Traci: Meow!

Bartender: What sound or noise do you hate?

Traci: No!

Bartender: What proffesion other than acting would you like to attrempt?

Traci: god I dont know...

Bartender: What would you not like to attempt?

Traci: I would never want to be a producer!

Bartender: Here's the last one, If heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you when you arrive at the gates?

Traci: It's about time!

Bartender: Well thanks very much for dropping by here Traci Lords!