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<Moderator> Oops... Chris lost his connection
<Moderator> Chris?

<ChrisBrancato> I'm baack.
<ChrisBrancato> We can start

<Moderator> And you can type!
<Moderator> er Jordan Radcliffe joins the cast, played by actress Traci Lords. Will Season Three be full of surprises?
<Moderator> Let's ask Chris!
<Moderator> Chris. Three seasons can seem like a lifetime in television. Does Season Three excite you as much as Seasons One and Two did?
<Moderator> Can you type?

<ChrisBrancato> Yes.
<ChrisBrancato> Can you SEE me type?

<Moderator> YES!

<ChrisBrancato> Cool
<ChrisBrancato> First of all, YES.
<ChrisBrancato> Three seasons in television does seem like a lifetime and the danger is that you get burned out creatively.
<ChrisBrancato> But with the addition of a new character and a ramping up of the alien threat we found a whole bunch of new stories to tell and that made the season as exciting as the first two.
<ChrisBrancato> ga
<ChrisBrancato> Wait --
<ChrisBrancato> The general concensus is that the third season is the best so far.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris several people have asked if you want to comment on the change to Monday night for First Wave?

<ChrisBrancato> I hope it works for people.
<ChrisBrancato> We suffered a bit of a ratings decline being on Sunday night without other original programming around us. I'm just happy the football season is over.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Will Joshua come back in Season 3?

<ChrisBrancato> I would venture to guess that an alien as forceful as Joshua would probably want to make his presence felt in Season 3. But watch and find out.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Ryan-Sun> to <Moderator>: Mr. Brancato, thanks for being here tonight. My question is: Is any of the characters in the series based on some person or persons you know ?

<ChrisBrancato> Thank all of YOU for being here tonight!
<ChrisBrancato> I would say that the characterisitcs of Foster, Eddie, and the other characters are representative of certain people I know but they're not modeled after any one person specifically.
<ChrisBrancato> Sebastian Spence likes Cade Foster after myself but nothing could be further from the truth.
<ChrisBrancato> I can't even figure out how to use my VCR.
<ChrisBrancato> ga. <Moderator> Chris, I know you answered this in other chats, but many people would like you to explain how Cade is "Twice Blessed"? <ChrisBrancato> All I can say about that is that the mystery of the twice-blessed man will be fully answered in Season 3.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris, I've read in several interviews that the characters are written a little around the actor's lives that portray them. Could you talk a little about that?

<ChrisBrancato> I've become so familiar with these actors on a personal basis that I sometimes try to take advantage of what I know about their real lives. For example,
<ChrisBrancato> many viewers commented on Cade Foster's crappy attitude at the beginning of Season 2. .. and that sort of mirrored the exhaustion that Sebastian and I felt atthat particular time.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> redvenus> to <Moderator>: What about all those loose ends from season one and two, will they be ties up in season three? I am talking about all the believers Cade left behind.

<ChrisBrancato> It always irritates me when science fiction shows leave dozens of unanswered "mysteries."
<ChrisBrancato> We've worked very hard to tie up all loose ends of Seasons 1 & 2 as we move through Season 3.
<ChrisBrancato> I can't promise we've got them all, but I think we're pretty close.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <TwoFosters> to <Moderator>: Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger where Cade is shot by Eddie. Is this because Sebastian was going to replace to another actor as a rumor was going around?

<ChrisBrancato> Despite some confusion on this issue, Sebastian was never going to be replaced. We had to recast the role when Sebastian hurt his back for insurance reasons even though we knew he was going to recover and come back to us.
<ChrisBrancato> Cade Foster's death at the end of Season 2 was a creative choice that had nothing to do with Sebastian's back injury. <ChrisBrancato> I hope you liked it.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <TwoFosters> to <Moderator>: Are you working on other projects apart from FW?

<ChrisBrancato> Yes. I am currently writing a movie for the director Ron Howard about a kidnapping in Chechnya.
<ChrisBrancato> It's about as far away from aliens as you could possibly imagine.
<ChrisBrancato> But my heart always belongs to First Wave.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris virtually everybody in the room is asking about the possibility of a Season Four? Any news?

<ChrisBrancato> I've been told that the SCI FI Channel will make a decision about a fourth season after the first four to six episodes.
<ChrisBrancato> If they would like to proceed, we still have to get the blessing of our foreign financiers.
<ChrisBrancato> Right now it's too early to say whether we'll continue. <ChrisBrancato> But I certainly hope so.
<ChrisBrancato> If you care to, you should send letters to my friend Bonnie Hammer at the SCI FI Channel and also to Matt Lozd at Pearson Television in Santa Monica California.
<ChrisBrancato> Er -- that's Matt LOZE.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> to <Moderator>: Gua experiments have always been a big part of First Wave. In the third season, do you plan to put the results of any of these experiments into use?

<ChrisBrancato> Good question!
<ChrisBrancato> Yes...
<ChrisBrancato> In the sense that the experiements in Season 3 will be based upon the actual approach of the Second Wave.
<ChrisBrancato> In other words, what the aliens have learned about humanity has encouraged them to ramp up experiements and missions based upon an imminent invasion.
<ChrisBrancato> The aliens have figured out what they came here to discover -- that human beings are weak and defeatable. Now it's time to kick some human butt.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <redven> to <Moderator>: Are you planning on coming to a First Wave convention (WaveCon) if there is one in July in Toronto?

<ChrisBrancato> I haven't heard any specific information about a First Wave convention just yet. But I can assure you that going to a First Wave convention would be really great. If there is one, you can bet I'll be there.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <FWHQ-Morn64> to <Moderator>: The episode "Unearthed" will feature a unique gua weapon called "Thor's Hammer". Was the choice of this name partly a play on words with "Bonnie Hammer"?

* ChrisBrancato laughs
<ChrisBrancato> No, but now that you mention it I will be sure to mention it to Bonnie.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <flcam> to <Moderator>: Mr Brancato - will the aliens that first attacked the gua get invloved in the attack on the earth?

<ChrisBrancato> All things are possible. In this great wide galaxy, who is to say that the gua and the humans are the only sentient life forms?
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris: Several people have asked about a possible return of Colonel Grace in Season 3?

<ChrisBrancato> I'm not sure if we will see Colonel Grace in Season 3 but you can bet on the fact that she's always watching.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Dave> to <Moderator>: Mr brancato..when you first wrote this..did you read up on the nostradums..literature

<ChrisBrancato> Yes.
<ChrisBrancato> I read not only biographical information about Nostradamus but also many of his prophecies. I love the idea that a guy who has been dead for almost 500 years would be a factor in Cade Foster's journey.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Chris, will Eddie ever get the girl?

* ChrisBrancato laughs
<ChrisBrancato> As we all know, Eddie isn't quite as suave as Cade Foster.
<ChrisBrancato> But if you remember in Season 2, he did have a nice moment or two with his highschool girlfriend, Marianne.
<ChrisBrancato> I always root for the underdog so maybe Eddie will achieve some sort of long-lasting female companionship.
<ChrisBrancato> On the other hand, things are already pretty crowded in that old Airstream trailer!
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <FWNewsletter-drkangel> to <Moderator>: Some of us noticed you were a subject yourself in Cade's experiment. Your picture was on that wall. What was your Subject number?

<ChrisBrancato> That's a good question.
<ChrisBrancato> I think I was subject 115 or 116 -- but I can't quite remember. Who knows? Maybe the aliens got to my head.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <TwoFosters> to <Moderator>: Foster is more aggressive and bitter Season 3. Can you describe what is the biggest defference in Foster&s character between last two seasons and SDeason 3?

<ChrisBrancato> Wouldn't you be a little testy if you couldn't get those pesky aliens off the planet in 44 episodes?
<ChrisBrancato> And while Cade is at times venting his frustration, there will be also times when we see a kinder, gentler Cade Foster in Season 3.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris, a number of people are asking if First Wave seasons one and two will be available on DVD any time soon?

<ChrisBrancato> I don't know, but I will ask the SCI FI Channel people if they have any intention of releasing the show on DVD. I'd sure like to see that.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <Coop> to <Moderator>: We all loved the special FirstWave Jigsaw and it has SO much FW info what did you think of it?

<ChrisBrancato> I thought it was brilliant and it made me feel very gratified that we have fans who care about the show.
<ChrisBrancato> Barbara Widrow was the driving force behind the creation of that magazine nd she has been a one-woman army in terms of getting First Wave some excellent coverage in the SCI FI press.
<ChrisBrancato> I don't think I can stress enough how people like Barbara and a number of others helped to motivate me nad the other writers through their interest, comments, and criticism of the show.
<ChrisBrancato> It's what makes the whole thing worthwhile.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <Ježi> to <Moderator>: Since you, Good Sir, are the God of all things FW(other than Sebastian of course), what does the Gua homeworld look and feel like? If not realistically, in your own mind's eye then? And will we ever see it on TV?

* ChrisBrancato laughs
<ChrisBrancato> We have certain budgetary constraints that make it difficult to create a full visualization of the Gua world, but it is an area that will definitely be covered in Season 3.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> BLUE> to <Moderator>: Besides the U.S. where else can First Wave be seen? Also how popular is it in these other countries?

<ChrisBrancato> At last count, First Wave is broadcast in 57 countries including the U.K., Germany, all European countries, and even little Romania.
<ChrisBrancato> I'm not sure of exact ratings figures, but Pearson tells me we do quite well... especially in Romania!
<ChrisBrancato> ga
<ChrisBrancato>Wait --
<ChrisBrancato> maybe that's because they only have on TV channel.
* ChrisBrancato laughs

<Moderator> <Coop> to <Moderator>: I heard Wednesday's Child was a great episode. How did yout mother get involved and how was it decided to have a scene about Rob LaBelle car experienceWhich I heard was great!.

<ChrisBrancato> Let's see...
<ChrisBrancato> My mom, who is a writer herself, always encouraged me to write for television and film. I figured that after all the hell I put her through, the least I could do was give her a script.
<ChrisBrancato> She did a great job.
<ChrisBrancato> In my discussions with her, I mentioned that Rob La Belle crashed his Cadillac on the very first day of shooting.
<ChrisBrancato> We decided to incorporate the idea of Eddie being a terrible driver into the show itself.
<ChrisBrancato> As they say, life imitates art.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <BinaryBandit> to <Moderator>: will Trent be making a reappearance on Earth? or will we see (or hear) about him aiding the HUman Cause on the Gua Homeworld?

<ChrisBrancato> That remains to be seen, BinaryBandit.
<ChrisBrancato> But we will deal with it in Season 3.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris, many people are asking if Season Three ends with some sort of "closure?" Or whether there is another cliffhanger ending?

<ChrisBrancato> I don't want to get too specific about how the season will be resolved, but I always hate sci fi shows that end their entire run on a cliffhanger in the hopes that they will get renewed.
<ChrisBrancato> Since we do not know the fate of the show after Season 3, we've taken steps to make sure that we will end Season 3 in a dramatic and satisfying 0manner whether we go forward or not. 'nuff said??
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> <FWNewsletter-Nei> to <Moderator>: Chris, FW comics are available online now. Have you read any of the comics? Any chance of FW action figures?

* ChrisBrancato laughs
<ChrisBrancato> I haven't read any online comics but would love it if you'd post where I can see them on the SCI FI bulletin board.
<ChrisBrancato> I also understand that an actual First Wave comic book will be in stores somewhere around January 20.
<ChrisBrancato> As for action figures, I can only hope.
<ChrisBrancato> ga

<Moderator> Chris, our hour is about over. As always, you've been a great guest. We're all hoping for a wildly successful Season Three! I wonder, as a writer and producer what have you personally learned over the three seasons of First Wave that you'll carry into future projects?

<ChrisBrancato> Very good question.
<ChrisBrancato> I've learned a lot about the rigors of trying to tell good stories, week after week.
<ChrisBrancato> I've learned about how to produce a show on a shoe-string while trying to take advantage of the actors' strengths.
<ChrisBrancato> And I've also learned how valuable the Internet is in kjeeping a show runner in touch with the very important core audience who care about the show.
<ChrisBrancato> As I stated before, the influence that this core group has had on creative decisions has been storng and for me, one of the most exciting things about the experience.
<ChrisBrancato> Thanks again to everyone and let's keep our fingers crossed that we can keep this baby running for a few more years.

<Moderator> Chris, our time is up! Thanks for interrupting your Sunday evening to join us. Have a great evening. Thanks too to a very enthusiastic audience for you many questions. We'll reopen the floor now. Good night

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