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Rob LaBelle: Thanks for having me

ursifi: this is SO cool! I am so excited to to talk to you, Rob
ursifi: What's in your future, after the 4th season of First Wave, of course!

Rob LaBelle: For 4th season, assuming we have one there are better things to come Rob LaBelle: 2nd wave is on the horizon and Eddie may be assuming more and varied
Rob LaBelle:undercover personalities

red2venus: Rob, are you tired of not getting the girls in First Wave

Rob LaBelle: Most definately!
Rob LaBelle: Eddie definately has a soft spot for the alien woman but they always Rob LaBelle: get the better of him and he never learns his lesson

manolis_varnassinger: rob what do you think is the secret of the success of the show that lastes so long

Rob LaBelle: I think it's the characters and the personalities involved. I think
Rob LaBelle: there seams to be a strong response to kate and eddies relationship and
Rob LaBelle: very strong story telling. Characters of Joshua and now Tracy Elizabeth Lord's character
Rob LaBelle: of Jordan are very dynamic
Rob LaBelle: And people like the characters and characters and story telling
Rob LaBelle: good old fashion drama

pisces0384: are there any plans for a First Wave TV movie or feature length film?

Rob LaBelle: I've got lots of plans myself, but I don't know anyone that will finance them that is on board.
Rob LaBelle: Probably not a TV movie. WEre always hoping for a film. We'll see how the 4th season goes.

gillyblueyes: Does Rob answer the Crazy Eddie e-mails, or is that someone else?

Rob LaBelle: Actually that's someone else that answers the letters to Crazy Eddie.
Rob LaBelle: A friend of my father's for very upset one time, he emailes Crazy Eddie on the boads
Rob LaBelle: and has been expecting a response from me. So I had to let
Rob LaBelle: him know that it wasn't really me. Just the character. So no unfortunately I don't

thekrimzonghost: are you anything like your character eddie?

Rob LaBelle: I talk fast, I have somewhat similar energy at times. But we are very Rob LaBelle: different people though and I'm happy to say we are very different
Rob LaBelle: people. The big difference is that I don't mind laughing at myself.
Rob LaBelle: I appreciate self deprecating humor whereas Eddie will have none of that. Rob LaBelle: I enjoy people in general a lot more than Eddie does.

bestbuds_4eva_7677: How do you feel about Eddie becoming more a part of the show he's getting out there! Maybe no so paranoid anymore?

Rob LaBelle: He's just parnoid as he ever was it's just that his medication is a little bit more
Rob LaBelle: effective.
Rob LaBelle: I thoroughly enjoy getting out there more. Getting out and being
Rob LaBelle: more adventurous with Cade and Jordan. It's always a lot more fun to act
Rob LaBelle: with other people than to be by yourself in a trailor.
Rob LaBelle: So Eddie does deal with more people in the real world but he's
Rob LaBelle: has to for the good of the cause.

rick_44_99: Rob, why on earth did they move you all to Mondays time slot rick_44_99: I really enjoyed you on Friday evenings

Rob LaBelle: Out of my control. You'll have to get a VCR.

a5150wolf: What's it like working with Traci Lords?? Is she a nice girl or come across as a meanie?

Rob LaBelle: She's incredible. Really really wonderful woman. Completely
Rob LaBelle: down to earth and we've become really good friends. She's actually Rob LaBelle: a delight and great jokester. And is a very hard working
Rob LaBelle: actor.
Rob LaBelle: And she's really brought a lot to our third season.

judielab: Which was your favorite episode?

Rob LaBelle: Not a single favorite. But there are a few favorites.
Rob LaBelle: I would say Blind Witness from first season.
Rob LaBelle: Motel California, um, Tomorrow, and Terminal City from the third season.
Rob LaBelle: And the one I've most enjoyed working on which was quite
Rob LaBelle: difficult and is alos one of my all time favorites,
Rob LaBelle: is an episode called asylum which I think is on the air in February
Rob LaBelle: in the states where Eddie
Rob LaBelle: goes undercover as a crazy person in a mental institute.
Rob LaBelle: And CRazy tries to be crazy and wishes he wasn't.

red2venus: Where you surprised by how much the fans love Crazy Eddie?

Rob LaBelle: Yeah! Actually. It was pretty exciting and pretty wonderful to get that kind Rob LaBelle: of response and it's great!
Rob LaBelle: Not something you think about or when you start working on a character
Rob LaBelle: as to what kind of response you would get. You are just doing
Rob LaBelle: the job at hand and serving the script, the text.

pisces0384: rumour has it that there were 27 episodes filmed instead of the usual 22, why was this done and how will they be aired (specials or weekly like they are now)?

Rob LaBelle: Well the rumor is just misinformation. IN 2000 we did shoot 27 episodes. The first 5
Rob LaBelle: was a carry over from 2nd season which we stopped early
Rob LaBelle: in NOv, 1999 because our lead actor Sebastian Spence had to undergo surgery Rob LaBelle: so we stopped season 2 with 5 episodes left. Took our hiatus
Rob LaBelle: and returned in February, shot those last 5 episodes of season 2 and continued Rob LaBelle: right into season 3.
Rob LaBelle: so this last year was a very long year.
Rob LaBelle: But that accounts for the shooting of 27 episodes this year.

dikk_fitzwell: Do you consider "First Wave" to be as big as "The X-files"?

Rob LaBelle: No. I mean it might very well be, and there's no reason it shouldn't be.
Rob LaBelle: X-files is a huge phenomenon which we could only dream about First Wave becoming. So Rob LaBelle: in actual fact it's not as big as X-files.
Rob LaBelle: Why not though it would be incredible if it became as big and I wouldn't stop anyone
Rob LaBelle: from making that so!

djinneh: are thee any plans to put FW out on video or DVD anytime?

Rob LaBelle: I don't know about that at all. It's a great idea and I know the comic book just
Rob LaBelle: started to be published and trading cards are just coming out so I would
Rob LaBelle: imagine that it would be a good move to have DVD's. In Japan it is not broadcast but sold in
Rob LaBelle: video packages. So the only way people in Japan as I understand have been able to see the show
Rob LaBelle: has been by buying them in video. So it does exist in video commercially and I don't
Rob LaBelle: know whenit will move to the rest of the world.

mittsfit: the sandwiches Crazy Eddie makes do you actually eat them?

Rob LaBelle: Yeah unfortunately I do.
Rob LaBelle:They have a "spit bucket" that they use on commercials when you are forced
Rob LaBelle: to eat some crap over and over again
Rob LaBelle: That's what I would use but much to the delight of my fellow cast and crew
Rob LaBelle: members, often times the director would not yell "cut" until they were sure
Rob LaBelle: I had eaton a substantial enoug of the sandwhich to give them great joy

tara_babygirl9700: Rob, when you first started the show, was hard to get into Eddie's character?

Rob LaBelle: No. Actually it wasn't. It was written pretty vividely at the start and so it wasn't
Rob LaBelle: difficult to get into the part, Chris Brancato the creator of First Wave
Rob LaBelle: is an old college friend of mine, so he had Rob LaBelle: or between he and I he had a good understanding of some good characteristics of me playing
Rob LaBelle: that character and it sort of made sense on the page.
Rob LaBelle: And it was really fun to play, always!

jen_di2000: How did you get the part?

Rob LaBelle: Well, I auditioned.
Rob LaBelle: As much as I was old friends with Chris Brancato and as much
Rob LaBelle: as he felt I was right for the role. I still had to audition as there
Rob LaBelle: were other people involved in the process who had to approve my
Rob LaBelle: being casted.
Rob LaBelle: And so I auditioned in L.A where I was living at
Rob LaBelle: the time where they auditioned for Crazy Eddie, Joshua and Cade Foster.
Rob LaBelle: And after I auditioned there was not a unified ringing endorsement that
Rob LaBelle: I should be Crazy Eddie.
Rob LaBelle: I had so much coffee and a couple of chocolate chip cookies and I aleady have so much
Rob LaBelle: energy that it was absured. I drove around for a while and just eventually passed out.

robzilla64: Hey Rob, When will the Poseble Crazy Eddie action figure with Airstream Trailer Playset be out?

Rob LaBelle: I don't know, not soon enough.
Rob LaBelle: Someone should provide a spec design proposal for them to work on!

djinneh: If FWHQ gets WaveCon off the gound this summer, would you come as a guest?

Rob LaBelle: I would love to. Yeah. Schedule permitting I would absolutely love to.

drkangel_113: When would shooting start then on season 4?

Rob LaBelle: Assuming we have another season it would probably start sometime in April when our year
Rob LaBelle: starts.

mixster_2k: Hi rob im a big fan of the show and have just finished whatcing the 2nd series over here in the UK and was wondering if the other series are as great?

Rob LaBelle: Absolutely Even better! ursifi: Eddie is changing as the season goes on. Is that your influence?
Rob LaBelle: Somewhat there is a bit of synergy going on there.
Rob LaBelle: The writers and I have and producers sort of work together with
Rob LaBelle: this character. I've been given great leeway in terms of where I can Rob LaBelle: take the character and for that I'm very fortunate and very thankful
Rob LaBelle: to Chris and Larry Sugar and the writers that they
Rob LaBelle: have given me so much freedom and input in developing Eddie.
Rob LaBelle: And so yeah some degree I've had a lot of input but we've really worked Rob LaBelle: together on it.

laurina7: Hi Rob! How are yo feeling today? What are your plans for this year? Do you know where Latvia is?

Rob LaBelle: I'm feeling just fine. My immediate plans are
Rob LaBelle: I'm in the middle of working on an episode of Dark Angel and yes
Rob LaBelle: I do know where Latvia is.

rick_44_99: Rob when Tracey Lords was introduced there was a whole group introduced, will there be more of that seen in the future episodes, the underground movement going on.

Rob LaBelle: Yes, most definarely.

pisces0384: will any charcaters from the past be coming back for the season finale?

Rob LaBelle: People will just have to watch the season finale and find out.

babydave1083: rob were you nervous when you first became an actor

Rob LaBelle: No. I'm just nervous now
Rob LaBelle: no, I was not nervous when I first became an actor. If I was I probably
Rob LaBelle: wouldn't have become an actor.

felicia099: Rob, is acting something you've wanted tod oyour whole life, or did it just hit you one day that thats what you wanted to do?

Rob LaBelle: Since about 7th or 8th grade it's what I've wanted to do.
Rob LaBelle: There was realy no question in my mind by the time I got to High scholl 10th grade that
Rob LaBelle: I was going to be an actor. I've felt blessed and cursed about being so certain
Rob LaBelle: about what I wanted to do. And sort of afflicted with the need to act. there was never
Rob LaBelle: a choice. It chose me.
Rob LaBelle: But there was a brushing in some sense that I know excactly what I wanted
Rob LaBelle: to early on.


Rob LaBelle: I've had lots of good ideas for the show. Not necessarily any that anyone listened to.
Rob LaBelle: There are a few ideas within the stories, various episodes that I've had or that Sebastian or I have.
Rob LaBelle: come up with or something that the writers have responded to, but overall complete ideas
Rob LaBelle: for the episodes, Chris Brancato will continually tell me, you just do your job, and act. I'm the writer.

bestbuds_4eva_7677: I know that you have directed a few episodes how was that?

Rob LaBelle: Wonderful. I really like directing quite a bit.
Rob LaBelle: And it was a great environment in which to direct knowing First Wave better then Rob LaBelle: most anyone else, except for Sebastian and Henry Chan our DP director of photography and Chirs.
Rob LaBelle: And the episodes were very different from one another. One is about
Rob LaBelle: gangsters in Kansas City and the other about
Rob LaBelle: Jordan Radcliff's wealthy upstate NY lifestyle.
Rob LaBelle: this during a mid summer night's ball
Rob LaBelle: But yeah, it was great, just wonderful to direct. I look forward to doing more
Rob LaBelle: of it.

cyberbjw: You have directed another episode in season three. What do you like about directing?

Rob LaBelle: I like being involved in the process of every aspect.
Rob LaBelle: I like being part of creating the whole episode and I particularly
Rob LaBelle: like working with the actors. I enjoy attampting to get my vision of
Rob LaBelle: script on screen.

robzilla64: Rob, about Jack Frost ... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Rob LaBelle: It seemed like a funny script when I read it initially.
Rob LaBelle: I've actually never been able to watch the entire film from the beginning to the end Rob LaBelle: LOL

firstwavey: first of all I LOVED last nights episode, what do you plan on doing if fw doesn't get renewed?

Rob LaBelle: Keep working I hope! Just keep working and acting and directing.
Rob LaBelle: That's what I do. That's what I was doing before First Wave.

felicia099: Rob, what do you mean working on an episode of Dark Angel?

Rob LaBelle: I mean I'm acting on an episode of DArk Angel. The 12th episodes, playing a Dr from Manticore.

drkangel_113: hey rob are you ever going to get a gun on first wave?

Rob LaBelle: Eddie's had a gun a couple of times.
Rob LaBelle: In fact, there is uh, a couple of episodes where I fire a gun.
Rob LaBelle: the director wanted me to have a really big gun for an episode but they
Rob LaBelle: gave me a hand gun and I made the best of it.

mixster_2k: Hi Rob since youve been playing Eddie, have you had any big offers from Hollywood?

Rob LaBelle: So many offers I can't even, I mean they are piling up, but I've not been
Rob LaBelle: able to do anything because I've been doing First Wave.

drkangel_113: Do you remember your experience on X-Files?

Rob LaBelle: Oh, sure.
Rob LaBelle: That was the first time in Vancouver.

the_impailer6969: Seb is a good character... will he continue to be your chief ally, or will more characters be added?

Rob LaBelle: He will always be, he's the show.
Rob LaBelle: There's now Jordan who has become another ally.
Rob LaBelle: So it would become somewhat of a trio, Cade, Eddie and Jordan.

necetn: Do you have any personal views as to whether ther IS intelligent life on other planets?

Rob LaBelle: I assume there is somewhere
Rob LaBelle: Intelligent life
Rob LaBelle: It just seems like there's gotta be.

firstwavey: what do you think of the trading cards and comics?

Rob LaBelle: a total kick, total GAS!
Rob LaBelle: I have yet to see the comic book. I have to go online
Rob LaBelle: and buy it, cause they haven't given it to us.

cyberbjw: Was it fun working with your old friend Paul Eckstein in front of the camera?

Rob LaBelle: Oh wonderful yeah it was fantastic. Paul and I were roomates for 5 years
Rob LaBelle: in NY in Brooklyn.
Rob LaBelle: And I first met Paul when I directed him in and Julie Warner who is one of the stars on Family Law
Rob LaBelle: in a play by Athol Fugard play in college.
Rob LaBelle: And we're both character, both Julie and Paul were nude during the whole play. Rob LaBelle: But is was a very serious play about the political desicration of love in South Africa.
Rob LaBelle: Very powerful play and that's when I first met Paul.
Rob LaBelle: So to be working professionally with him in this capacity was fantastic.
Rob LaBelle: Paul also wrote Legacy which was 2nd episode that I directed.

red2venus: Nobody talks about Joshua aka Roger, how is he in real life?

Rob LaBelle: I just spoke with him yesterday. He's an incredibly wonderful guy.
Rob LaBelle: We've become really good friends. I've never met anyone that is more
Rob LaBelle: different than the character that he plays on screen. Rob LaBelle: He's one of the most easy going, fun loving ridiculous people I know.

luckyness: In real life how well can you use a computer??

Rob LaBelle: I'm gettin there. I can't take apart a computer or put it together tho I was able
Rob LaBelle: to put a CD Player into my tower.
Rob LaBelle: I'm becoming pretty adept at using a computer but in no way do I have the skills Rob LaBelle: of Crazy Eddie.
Rob LaBelle: But I'm addicted to using a computer.

manolis_varnassinger: rob i love the show is one of the best fiction shows on tv my qs is if you had the chance to write the ending of the show how would you end it

Rob LaBelle: I'm only going to be focused on my character so I think what would happen would be that
Rob LaBelle: the Gua would have to blow up
Rob LaBelle: Eddies airstream and we would have a shot, low angle, with Eddie charging out of
Rob LaBelle: the air stream full force as we see the
Rob LaBelle: spectacular fire ball of the air stream and Eddie
Rob LaBelle: jumping, flying forward.
Rob LaBelle: to avoid debris and then Jordan would have to buy Eddie
Rob LaBelle: a nice big Winnebago or something like that. So that's my view of how it would end.
Rob LaBelle: I'd enjoy it. LOL

necetn: Would you travel to another planet if given the chance?

Rob LaBelle: Oh yeah absolutely!

firstwavey: Does anyone recognize you on the street???

Rob LaBelle: Yeah, occasionally.

laurina7: Have you ever chated in a real chat before?

Rob LaBelle: Yes I have.
Rob LaBelle: a couple of times actually.

nitrotrev: Will the "Star Deli" in NY ever name a sandwich after the show? Will Traci ever perform "Control Your Soul" on a future episode?

Rob LaBelle: Yes and Yes.
Rob LaBelle: I don't know about Tracey performing not sure.
Rob LaBelle: But the Stage Deli yes.

firstwavey: Eddie gets the girl over Cade right???

Rob LaBelle: YES!
Rob LaBelle: YES< YES Absolutely!! LOL

manolis_varnassinger: rob what do you find more challenging acting or directing

Rob LaBelle: They are different challenges. They sit side by side. Directing certainly for TV is Rob LaBelle: an incredibly time consuming job.
Rob LaBelle: which Acting sometimes is and sometimes less so depending on one's role
Rob LaBelle: But a director never gets a break for the entire time of production
Rob LaBelle: for 7 days before till few days afterwards. For an actor
Rob LaBelle: there is some downtime. Tho he may be preparing during that time or working on something.

thekrimzonghost: have you ever been contacted by true believers of alien invasions?

Rob LaBelle: No, I have not.

laurina7: What were you like when you were a teenager?

Rob LaBelle: I seem to have very faint recollections of myself then. Which is a good thing! LOL Rob LaBelle: I don't know I pretend like I've really had a good time, but somehow I think that's revisionist history.
Rob LaBelle: of my life.

djinneh: what exactly is IN an Eddie Special #5?

Rob LaBelle: Well, if I can remember, Ham peanut butter, cream cheese, anchovies, a little
Rob LaBelle: squeeze of orange, there hadbeen a variation of one that had jelly in it as well.

necetn: It's funny how they keep "killing Cade" it's almost like "who killed Kenny"

Rob LaBelle: LOL
Rob LaBelle: That's very true.

manolis_varnassinger: rob do you ever watch the show after you tape it

Rob LaBelle: Oh yes! I do. I definately like to see all of the shows
Rob LaBelle: in their completed form.
Rob LaBelle: And particularly right before I was directing I made a real studied approach
Rob LaBelle: to all the episodes and my wife Megan was saying so does she. We like
Rob LaBelle: watching them together.

cyberbjw: I see Eddie as a very brave and loyal man. Do you?

Rob LaBelle: Yes. That's a good way to describing him. I don't think Eddie would describe himself as.
Rob LaBelle: Though objectively he is actually.
Rob LaBelle: He just thinks he's doing what he needs to do.

judielab: Don't you think Eddie would enjoy a tune melt?

Rob LaBelle: I can't believe you said that, Eddie would totally enjoy a Tuna Melt, that's my favorite
Rob LaBelle: Very few places in the world that have a good Tuna Melt. So absolutely

Yahoo Chat Diva Where are the good places?

Rob LaBelle: Well there's the Canter's Deli on Fairfax in L.A.
Rob LaBelle: They make a real good one. Put that one down to start out with.

Crube: Hi Rob, Ive been told about the program, Im a bif Sci-Fi fan, When do you think its going to make its way to Irish Television?

Rob LaBelle: I thought it was. I don't know when. They might be able to contact, or email
Rob LaBelle: Matt Loze or John Rosenbaum at Piercan TV to find when it might be in Ireland

mrs_dave_grohl: Have you had any strange fan experiences?

Rob LaBelle: Thankfully no. And I hope that I don't. I prefer my fan experiences to be positive. Rob LaBelle: Don't need to have bad fan experiences.]

red2venus: sounds stupid, but FW changed my life, did it change yours too?

Rob LaBelle: Yes! It provided me with steady employment for 3 year! LOL It's been
Rob LaBelle: a really fantastic 3 season and I hope that we will be going for
Rob LaBelle: another few seasons and I'd like to thank everyone who came to the chat. we've had
Rob LaBelle: a really loyal and supportive audience and me and all my fellow cast members really
Rob LaBelle: appreciates everyone that watches and supports it and we hope to have more to watch. And it's been
Rob LaBelle: a real experience to be here today!

Yahoo Chat Diva Thanks Rob. This was great.
Yahoo Chat Diva Thanks everyone