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<Moderator> Okay, now she's fashionably five minutes late <TraciLords> We are here
<Moderator> Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Ben Trumble for SCIFI. Tonight we are pleased to welcome the very talented actress Traci Elizabeth Lords, co-star of Chris Brancato's FIRST WAVE, now in its third season on SCIFI. Traci's character Jordan Radcliffe is no friend to the Gua, but neither is she necessarily a friend to FIRST WAVE hero Cade Foster either.
<Moderator> Traci's film and television credits in recent years -- including appearances on hit shows like Profiler -- are too numerous to list,.and her genre work on projects like Tommyknockers, and Not Of This Earth have made her a favorite of sf, and horror fans..
<Moderator> Finally, please bear with us. To insure a secure connection to our server I am both moderating this chat and typing for Traci. (She's on the phone.) We'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can.

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, I have a big crush on Sebastian Spence, could you tell me what it's like working with him?

<Moderator> Sebastian is a very down to earth, gentle, charming person
<Moderator> He's a joy
<Moderator> So supportive
<Moderator> It's easy working with him

<Moderator> <darkness5000> to <Moderator>: People have said that the renewal of First Wave as a series may depend soley on Traci's performance this season. Does she keep this in mind when filming?

<TraciLords> No. I don't think about it
<TraciLords> The deal for First Wave is up at SCIFI
<TraciLords> Whether it comes back or not has little to do with me
<TraciLords> Certainly I was added for ratings

<TraciLords> But it's up to the fans <TraciLords> If people love First WAve, watch the show
<TraciLords> Then SCIFI will renew whether I'm here or not

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, I heard you were a scifi fan. Do you have a favorite science fiction movie?

<TraciLords> Hmmm
<TraciLords> I'm a huge fan of the original Alien
<TraciLords> It's so scary
<TraciLords> Pretty much anything that is based on Stephen King interests me too

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Traci, how did you find working in Vancouver?

<TraciLords> I absolutely loved it
<TraciLords> We have a great cast and crew, but the city of Vancouver is so stunning. Such a great place to find yourself

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, do you have a favorite episode of First Wave that you have done?

<TraciLords> I think one of my favorites is an episode called Wednesday's Child
<TraciLords> I think it's on in a couple weeks
<TraciLords> Also, I love the finale
<TraciLords> That should have everybody excited

<Moderator> Chewie> to <Moderator>: Traci, Jordan is tough as nails. How much do you identify with her personality?

<TraciLords> I completely identify with Jordan
<TraciLords> I undertand her pain and anger
<TraciLords> But I think what will surprise people is that Jordan has many sides that you'll see in the weeks to come
<TraciLords> She starts out as jaded and angry, but you'll see her laugh, and crying in the weeks to come
<TraciLords> She's just not a pushover

<Moderator> <itetcboo> to <Moderator>: Do you think we will see a special relatioinship between Jordan and Cade form in this season?

<TraciLords> Absolutely
<TraciLords> Right for the start the writers built in an underlying chemistry between Jordan and Cade
<TraciLords> I think they both have feelings for each other
<TraciLords> It starts to play with their heads as the season goes on
<TraciLords> Cade and Jordan do ultimately come together
<TraciLords> But it may be for the wrong reasons
<TraciLords> And it may be lethal
<TraciLords> It's a devastating experience
<TraciLords> Jordan and Cade could be the end of the world

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, How do you feel about the fans of First Wave?

<TraciLords> The fans of First WAve have been wonderful to me
<TraciLords> When I joined the cast last winter fans started treating me very nice
<TraciLords> They sent me a huge email greeting card on my birthday in May
<TraciLords> It was so nice.

<Moderator> <JerleShannara> to <Moderator>: Ms Lords, Cade and Eddie have had a special relationship for the last two years. Will your appearance be changing that?

<TraciLords> No
<TraciLords> Absolutely not
<TraciLords> Chris really likes the relationship between Cade and Eddie
<TraciLords> I think Eddie actually has more screen time this season
<TraciLords> The three of them become a team
<TraciLords> They talk about Jordan a lot when they're alone
<TraciLords> She doesn't come between them at all
<TraciLords> I'm very curious about conventions and the fans of the show

<Moderator> <FWHQ-Robzilla> to <Moderator>: Traci, would you be interested in attending WaveCon, a First Wave mini-con in Toronto this summer?

<TraciLords> I will absolutely consider visiting conventions

<Moderator> drgorman> to <Moderator>: Traci, when you were asked for the role in First Wave, were did you have to change anything on your body (ex. hair)

<TraciLords> No, when I auditioned I didn't change anything
<TraciLords> But I'd been a redhead for awhile
<TraciLords> I noticed that Chris using the hair color in inside joke
<TraciLords> I don't think there was a "type" for Jordan
<TraciLords> More of a sensibility

<Moderator> <red2venus> to <Moderator>: Do you ever surf the net and look at all the page about First Wave and you, or do read the bulletin boards?

<TraciLords> I haven't read the boards in a while
<TraciLords> I know that the fans are very curious
<TraciLords> I never figure outw where some of the material comes form
<TraciLords> The fans have been very flattering I think
<TraciLords> and where do they get all those stills from the show?

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Traci, what initially interested you in applying for this role?

<TraciLords> Chri's words
<TraciLords> The pages themselves
<TraciLords> I didn't know anything about the show
<TraciLords> But Jordan had so many levels and layers
<TraciLords> The words that Chris wrote blew my mind and I wanted to be the woman on the page

<Moderator> <SubZer0> to <Moderator>: Traci I noticed you've landed a part in Blade 2, will your part in this one be larger?

<TraciLords> First of all, it's not true
<TraciLords> Yes, I was asked to do Blade 2
<TraciLords> And the part was larger
<TraciLords> But for a lot of reasons it wasn't something that I wanted to do
<TraciLords> I would have basically been playing my twin sister
<TraciLords> But I want to record a record this year instead

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: I heard you were doing a movie with Jet Li. Do you get to do any butt-kicking in that movie, like you get to do in First Wave?

<TraciLords> Well, it's true that I did a sequel to Black MAsk, called Black MAsk 2... But Jet Li isn't in the movie
<TraciLords> There is a lot of action in it, and I think it'll be a great little movie

<Moderator> <lycant> to <Moderator>: traci was that you who sang on the manic street preachers first album, and what direction will your new record be

<TraciLords> I did record a song called Little Baby Nothing with the Street Preachers
<TraciLords> It was before my first record
<TraciLords> I feel really inmterested in stripped down instuments in my new record
<TraciLords> Ltrics and stripped down beats
<TraciLords> Almost an acoustic-techno sound
<TraciLords> And I'm not sure how I'll do it yet
<TraciLords> I know they'll think I'm crazy for that

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Traci, you seem to be very busy going back and forth between television and movie commitments. Is your schedule always hectic or sporatically so depending on your projects?

<TraciLords> My schedule is always kind of crazy
<TraciLords> I have a lot of energy and I love my work
<TraciLords> I consider myself REALLY lucky
<TraciLords> 95% of the time I'm happy doing what I do 24/7

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, Do you have any advice for young teens or maybe anyone who wants to take up acting as a career?

<TraciLords> I think that anyone who wants to get into acting had better absolutely 100% want it
<TraciLords> It's a brutal business
<TraciLords> It's so much easier to do almost anything else
<TraciLords> Not to be negative
<TraciLords> And that's especially true if your young
<TraciLords> Have a backup plan
<TraciLords> Don't go to LA looking for the golden dream, it doesn't exist

<Moderator> <drgorman> to <Moderator>: Traci, was it hard to find any work after they cancelled Profiler?

<TraciLords> I was already off the show, so I was doing other things by then
<TraciLords> I think they did one more season after I left
<TraciLords> I thought it was a very good show, but I was off on other missions

<Moderator> <hld3> to <Moderator>: I loved Crybaby, do you have any other plans to work with John Waters?

<TraciLords> I would work with John Waters on just about anything
<TraciLords> He has so inspired me
<TraciLords> He started in an alley with an 8mm camera
<TraciLords> He didn't say this is what I wantt o do..
<TraciLords> He did it
<TraciLords> He's a genius
<TraciLords> You can do anything if you are will to risk everything
<TraciLords> I started with Roger Corman by the way, another great indy producer director

<Moderator> <Bruiser> to <Moderator>: do you have any plans or interests in being in a sci-fi movie?

<TraciLords> I'd love to be in a big budget scifi movie
<TraciLords> So many people get to see it
<TraciLords> Any actor loves to be seen
<TraciLords> At the same time it would have to be an interesting project <TraciLords> Small, interesting projects keep me excited

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, I heard you like to write, do you think you would ever write an episode of First Wave?

<TraciLords> I would absolutely love to write an episode for First Wave or another show that I appear in
<TraciLords> Just don't know if I have the chops
<TraciLords> It keeps me humble

<Moderator> <drgorman> to <Moderator>: Traci, I have seen you work with Bruce Campbell a few times. What was it like working with him?

<TraciLords> I love him
<TraciLords> I met him maybe eight years ago when I auditioned for Army of Darkness
<TraciLords> I didn't get the part
<TraciLords> but I clicked with Bruce
<TraciLords> On Hercules he and I has such a great time <TraciLords> And I'd love to work with him again
<TraciLords> I think that people don't realize how talented Bruce is as a writer too, by the way
<TraciLords> I would have to say, seriously, that playing Jordan has been my favorire role to date
<TraciLords> It's been such a learning experience
<TraciLords> The way that Jordan and Cade infiltrate organizations, I've played a dozen roles inside of Jordan
<TraciLords> It's so cool
<TraciLords> There's even comedy with in the role
<TraciLords> And so I think that Jordan by far is my favorite
<TraciLords> We stopped shooting five weeks ago, and I miss her!

<Moderator> <MaryFX> to <Moderator>: Traci, do you find the collaboration between actors and writers on First Wave different than from other acting experiences you've had?

<TraciLords> First Wave was the first time that I felt that the actors had real input with the writers
<TraciLords> That never happens on a network show
<TraciLords> Normally the writers say, Thiis is oyur show
<TraciLords> Do your job
<TraciLords> But on First Wave the actors really love their characters and the writers know that and appreciate it

<Moderator> <Sebastians-Goddess> to <Moderator>: Traci, have you ever thought about directing or producting?

<TraciLords> Yes and yes
<TraciLords> Particularly producing
<TraciLords> I'm a bit of a control freak
<TraciLords> I love the control of seeing a project all the way through
<TraciLords> The hardest thing for me being an actress is surrendering that
<TraciLords> That's why I produced Extramartial
<TraciLords> And I'd love to do more of that

<Moderator> <Quinn> to <Moderator>: Tracie, did you think you made an impact on any of the callers on LoveLine when you were a guest?

<TraciLords> I think it's a very good show
<TraciLords> Dr Drew is a smart man
<TraciLords> But the kids horrified me
<TraciLords> They're so young
<TraciLords> And they have such explocit sexual problems
<TraciLords> I can't imagine being 13 and pregnant
<TraciLords> That's heavy stuff to give advice on
<TraciLords> One of the things that really interests me is working with kids
<TraciLords> If I'd had better guidance as a kid I could have used it
<TraciLords> When your 13 you don't always want to listen
<TraciLords> I hope I made an impact...

<Moderator> <Bruiser> to <Moderator>: Do you have any upcoming movies that we should be aware of?

<TraciLords> City of Masks Black MAsk 2
<TraciLords> And Chump Change, which just showed at Sundance
<TraciLords> It's a sweet little comedy
<TraciLords> The critcis compare it to a Johnm Waters film, though I don't see that
<TraciLords> And the character, SAm is so different from Jordan

<Moderator> <Laura> to <Moderator>: do you think that Jordan is truly good or just fighting back bc of what happened to family....?
<Moderator> This will be our final question

<TraciLords> A lot of people have commented that Jordan is brutal
<TraciLords> The beauty for me is that as angry and hostile as Jordan is, she's also so innocent, lovely, sweet, and wounded
<TraciLords> I wantt o thank you all for coming
<TraciLords> And check out the website on SCIFI
<TraciLords> And I'll have my own site up in a few months
<TraciLords> Good night