Traci Lords: Entertainment Tonight Interview- 02-11-2001



This inteview is an excerpt from the ET Special "ET: TV's Greatest Scandals"Enjoy!

Traci: I went and did it all, the drugs, the sex, everything. It was just a really horrible combination of things. I want younger people who might think X-rated films or "oh look what Traci Lords made because she did that". I want them to understand what really happened to me, you know there's so many things that led me to do that, and there was very little help when I wanted to get away from it

Narrator: Traci Lords was an X rated star who got caught up in the business as a minor.

Traci: I didn't think I was going to live to be twenty, I thought twenty was old.

Narrator: When she decided to turn her back on the adult film industry and make it in mainstream film to television, she found nothing but problems.

Traci: It isn't easy, it's been so difficult. Are you kidding me? I just don't think it's right when someone tells you [that] you can't have something because of something you did when you were younger, or [you] just made a mistake. I just don't think that it's right.

Narrator: But traci persevered and that iron will paid off. We caught up with her doing a guest spot on McGiver, and then a with a recurring role on Melrose place. She remembers when she got that first call for a mainstream role.

Traci: I said, can you just hold on a second, and then I just burst out [screams] I got it!

Narrator: Traci is also currently on the sci-fi channel series First Wave, but her success story is unusual, many other X-rated stars have had trouble making that jump to primetime.