August 28th, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland.


August 24, 2000

Andromeda Entertainment today announced that acclaimed artist Matt Busch, best known for his incredible Star Wars imagery, has signed on to Produce the first covers for their new line of licensed sci-fi comic books. The first covers produced by Busch will be for the flagship title of the new line, First Wave, based on the hit Sci-Fi Channel series from Pearson Television.

"I'm honored to be working with such a talented assortment of folks in this new high profile company," said Busch. "It's amazing to see all of the work that's going into these books, and then I get tapped to do a cover piece that unifies the cinematic feeling of the book as a whole. I feel very dedicated to these books, and working with the Andromeda team is very inspiring."

In addition to his prolific comic portfolio, Matt's work for Lucasfilm licensees including Bantam/Doubleday (Star Wars: Tales from the Empire) and West End Games (Star Wars Adventure Journal) has earned him high praise from the creative community. Busch also counts extensive film and television credits among his creative contributions including The Matrix, Home Alone 3, CBS's Murphy Brown, and Fox Television's Melrose Place and New York Undercover.

Andromeda Editor-in-Chief Art Holcomb feels this blending of a film maker's sensibilities with a comic artist's talent is exactly what is necessary to turn out killer products while at the same time expanding the scope of the industry.

"Think of a comic book cover like you would a trailer for a new movie," said Holcomb. "It must be powerful and beautiful and should only hint at the excitement that awaits you. It is the promise of things to come, and the image that you will hold in your mind as you eagerly await the film's release or that moment when you hold the new comic in your hands. Matt's work does all that and much more. His stuff just rocks and we're delighted to have him aboard!"

First Wave, which has been described as "The X-Files meets The Fugitive," chronicles the adventures of Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence) as he follows clues found in the ancient writings of Nostradamus, which reveals the hidden alien menace among us. The series currently airs on Sci-Fi Sunday nights at 7:00 & 10:00 EST.

The book is scheduled to ship in December and be on sale by December 20, 2000.

Matt Busch's portfolio and other art samples can be viewed at

Comics from Andromeda Entertainment - "Believe the Unbelievable!"

Third Press Release
From the Brethern Chronicle

August 23, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1564, Nostradamus predicted the resurrection of the comic book market in three terrifying waves. The First Wave is here!

This ancient quatrain, taken from the famous seer's own work, clearly reveals the only hope the direct market will have:

At the dawn of the new millennium, a man twice blessed will roam. Once doomed to shadows with his brethren, a savior to all who walk the aisles for the nourishment of dreams. This man twice blessed shall lead the fans against the growing waste of imagination.

Andromeda Entertainment, a new creative development company has recently gained proof that a conspiracy of universal proportion has been taking place. An alien race known as the GUA have been suppressing the best sci-fi literary, television, and theatrical properties from leaping from their traditional formats into the comic book market.

Now with the help of the Sci-Fi Channel, Pearson Television, and the Paranoid Times, Andromeda's Editor-In-Chief Art Holcomb is revealing the alien conspiracy to the public and unleashing a new standard for comic quality.

"Licensed comics are a very particular type of comic and one that I believe should challenge those who choose to work on them," said Holcomb at a recent convention appearance. "Keeping in mind that these are fondly remembered properties, Andromeda's creators will be held to a higher standard of storytelling that will not only ensure vibrant and captivating reading in our products but can only help our industry as a whole."

The first comic book release from Andromeda will be the Francis Ford Coppola produced Sci-Fi Channel hit series First Wave. The series currently airs on the Sci-Fi Channel Sunday nights at 7:00 & 10:00 EST. The first issue, First Wave: Heart of a Killer, is set for release on December 20, 2000 -- powerfully written, wickedly drawn and breathtakingly delivered ON TIME!

Second Press Release:
Info from The Brethern Chronicles

August 16, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland.

Believing that the comic book market lacks a strong publishing presence that specializes in licensed properties, a new creative development firm called Andromeda Entertainment today announced their plans for a new line of comics.

Dedicated to bringing the very best literary, television, and theatrical projects to the core fans of science fiction, Andromeda has begun licensing original Sci-Fi Channel productions for comic publication. The first of the new books to be published is based on the hit Sci-Fi Channel series, First Wave, from Pearson Television.

Created by Chris Brancato and produced by Francis Ford Coppola and Larry Sugar, First Wave combines the best elements of science fiction and horror into one weekly non-stop thrill ride. "We are delighted to bring Sci-Fi's original television programs to the powerful medium of comics" announced Art Holcomb, Editor-in-Chief of Andromeda.

"Starting in December of this year, this flagship line of comics will keep fans and retailers alike delighted with the three things they look for most - vibrant storytelling, breath-taking art and . . . on-time shipping!" Trained as a screenwriter and whose work has appeared in live action, animation and on the Internet, Holcomb got started in comics on a dare from a comic book publisher in 1992 and fell in love with the medium immediately.

Since then, he has written for Marvel, DC, Valiant, Acclaim, Broadway and Defiant, and is one of the industry's leading voices for creator's rights and for increasing the power of comics as a medium. Holcomb continues to hail the link between screenwriting and comic scriptwriting and is a much sought after public speaker, making appearances in a number of countries to capacity audiences. Holcomb and Brancato are looking forward to a very close working relationship.

"The fans are gonna love this!" said series creator Chris Brancato. "Comic books are a bold, fantastic, visual medium and the perfect venue to expand the First Wave universe. I'm really excited about exploring Cade Foster's mission with the writers and artists at Andromeda."

The series, which has been described as "The X-Files meets The Fugitive," chronicles the adventures of Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence) as he follows clues found in the ancient writings of Nostradamus, which reveals the hidden alien menace among us.

First Wave currently airs on Sci-Fi Sunday nights at 7:00 & 10:00 EST.

First Press Release
From The Brethern Chronicles

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