Alias: Joshua Bridges | Cain
Birth Place: Abell 2029
Profession: Gua Acolyte
First Appeared in: 0102- "Crazy Eddie" | 0119 - "Trial of Joshua Bridges"


Having been one of the Gua's greatest Acolyte Warriors he has won respect from the Gua Assembly and of the Gua Head himself. His position on the implementation of the Second Wave has halted it to a stand still. He has helped Subject 117 escape the Gua's grasp numerous times and for this he was charged with high treason. Replacing his consciousness within his body is the acolyte Cain. Much more brash when it comes to dealing with humans, especially with Subject 117 has been less the subtle. Cain should be watched for further assessement.


Cross' credits includes multiple appearances in The Outer Limits ["The Conversion," and "The Awakening"] and The X-Files ["Pusher" and "Folie a Deux]. He has also appeared on Stargate SG1.

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