Birth Name: Kincade Lawrence Foster
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Profession: Former Security System Salesman
First Appeared in: 0101- "Subject 117"


During his childhood, his mother died of cancer. The death of of his mother left him with a step-father who inflicted large amounts of physical abuse on to Cade Foster. Sometimes his father would lock him in the basement and turned off all the lights, leaving Cade alone in the dark making him feel helpless and afraid. To get away from the abuse, Cade Foster resorted to a life of crime as a thief. This is where he learned how to pick locks and many more of his skills. Cade was caught multiple times and in one instance, was thrown into the Cook County jail for two years. When he was released, he was teamed up with his probation officer. The officer had a daughter, Hannah. Cade and Hannah soon fell in love and gave him the will-power to go straight

Happily ever after?

Cade and Hannah were married and settled down in Chicago. Cade had been hired to work as a Security Salesman, and both of them were living happy lives together. What Cade Foster did not know, was that he was about to embark the biggest test of his life. An alien species known as the Gua began to test human architypes. They wanted to see how well the human race could withstand an invasion of massive proportions by their race, known as the second wave. Cade was one of the subjects they decided to test, "Subject 117". As part of the test, they drained his bank account, maxed out his credit cards, and killed his wife, Hannah Foster. She was replaced with a Gua clone but was killed by Cade when he discovered that she was not who she seemed but passes out in the struggle. The Gua later planted the body of the real Hannah Foster at the scene of the crime and notify the police, making them believe that he was the murderer. During the course of this test, Cade Foster discovers a book of quatrains written by Nostradamus himself. The so-called finish line of this test of human will was 19 Haven Street. If a subject made it there, it would mean that people with that specific architype could pose a threat to the Gua. Only one out of the many subjects made it to that location, subject 117, Cade Foster.

Stopping the First Wave.

Now a fugitive and running from the law, he discovers that he is the "Twice-Blessed man" and that he will be the saviour to all mankind. Cade Foster travels the country with the help of his newfound friend, Eddie Nambulous, and a book of Nostradamus quatrains, to expose the threat of the Gua and to stop the Second Wave from occuring.


Sebastian Spence, 28, Born in St. John's, Newfoundland Canada. Was called to audition for the lead role in the Francis Ford Coppola-produced television series First Wave, he didn't think he had a chance. For one thing, he'd dyed his hair white for another role "and looked like Billy Idol." For another, "it was the lead and, as a Canadian actor, you don't expect the lead." Sebastian's credits include The Boys of St. Vincent, Firestorm, Drive, She Said, The X-Files and Dead Man's Gun, Spence has had a mixture of supporting roles in feature films and appearances on high profile television series.

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