Meaning: "the power to overcome"

The Gua have been on Earth for decades Living several lifetimes, continually being reborn into new bodies. They are an alien species that have been using society's beautiful citizens as their host bodies, taking over others through sexual encounters. 


The planet the Gua once thrived upon, Abell 2029, was attacked by an alien force and was left in ruins. They now needed a new place to live so they set there eyes to the stars in search of a habitable planet. That planet was Earth...

Leadership and Divisions

The Gua on Earth are split into three divisions. The Acolytes, Empiricists, and Osmosists. Each of these divisions have certain tasks to carry out on the planet.

The Gua leadership on Earth is referred to as "The Assembly". It is a group of twelve Gua that control all current alien operations on the planet . After four decades, the Gua have successfully put into operation 1800 experiments, leaving no part of the world uncovered. Currently the Gua have infiltrated 40% of the worlds population making there existance highly improbable to get rid of.


After being on planet Earth for over 40 years, the Gua have noticed a number of their people fall prey to human emotions and new addictions. The worst of these addictions is Salt. Harmless to humans, to the Gua it is like Heroin. Gua operatives that are found using it are quickly eliminated.

The Three Waves

For years they have been preparing an attack on the people of Earth by experimenting on humans and taking high positions in society, this phase is called the "First Wave", which is the present phase the Gua are in.

The second phase is to engage the initial attack on the unsuspecting humans, the "second wave" The Gua ground force in the Second Wave will consist of  warriors from the home planet who have been downloaded into the large number of husks that have been grown in Gentech labs. 

The third and final wave is Armageddon.  This is the stage in which the world will essentially be wiped clean of human life and rebuilt in the way the Gua deem fit