Birth Name: Larry Pisinski
Alias: "Crazy" Eddie Nambulous
Birth Place: Delaware
Profession: Online web publisher of The Paranoid Times
First Appeared in: 0102- "Crazy Eddie"


Heisenberg High School for the technologically gifted was home to a Larry Pisinski. He lead his life hacking with 3 buddies and formed a club known only as, The Binary Bandits.
One day Larry was hacking in a government server and was intervened by a squad of F.B.I. agents. He was tried in court and was ordered to stay away from computers for life. Just before graduation Larry Pisinski disappeared, leaving now record of his existence behind. Except for, the Binary Bandits and those who knew him in school.

30 years later, Larry Pisinski is no more, now he is Eddie Nambulous. Married three times. "It's tough being married to a paranoid. Checking the breakfast cereal for strychnine isn't always the best thing for a warm and fuzzy relationship." now divorced. Eddie lived out his days in an Airstream Trailer bucking around from city to city. Keeping the Feds off his back. In a stop in Potomac, Maryland. He had a unusual visit from a fugitive known as Cade Foster.

Cade explains to him about the test, Nostradamus, being framed for his wifes murder and so forth. Eddie is skeptical about Cade Foster's real intentions at first, but soon learns to trust him as he is attacked by an Acolyte and is saved by Cade. They discover one of the Gua's Genetic cloning labs.

The Team-up

Eddie Nambulous and Cade Foster become good friends and he now helps Cade by figuring out the cryptic Nostradamus quatrains that Cade foster investigates. He then writes about the discoveries and posts Cade's journals on his "Paranoid Times" website.


LaBelle's credits includes Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994), and a couple of episodic appearances in the genre series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, plus two appearances on Star Trek: Voyager ["Faces" and "False Profits"] as well as a appearance in Sliders ["Return of Maggie Beckett"]. He is also know for having the uncanny likeness of Roberto Benigni.

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