First Wave Canned =(

For the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of creating this site, over and over and over again. For First Wave, for us the fans, and for the First Wave film crew. It's been a blast hanging around and talking till all hours of the morn' in the chats. Reading and even writing my own fanfics. [ Sorry I didn't finish mine ]

Every once in a while Id alway mention my secret project.
This project was to be the First and only First Wave encyclopedia, a comilation of any and all First Wave material. Including episode names, names of characters, references, devices, technologies, whats in Eddie's sandwiches etc... It would have contained the first two seasons and I would still be working on it for the 3rd, it was to have an introduction by none other than Chris Brancato.
It could have / would have been used by the writing crew to cross reference what Cade and Eddie has done and where they haven't been. Unfortunatly I don't think they'll get a chance to use it anymore.

I knew this day would come, First Wave canned. Foster didn't stop the First Wave. the Sci Fi channel did, and with that lost one of the best shows on television today.

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