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Message from the Editor
Brethren Chronicle Logo By Ishtar
Ah yes, the newsletter, The Brethren Chronicle. Where, oh where, do we start,well a little bit about us. This is a newsletter for the fans by the fans, but also for the cast and crew as well. We are a bimonthly newsletter that is primarily e-mail based and created in Microsoft Word, with plain text versions available at The First Wave Warehouse. The back issues are up as well as more info on subscribing.

We like to recommend our e-mail versions, but there is a choice here. If you don't have Microsoft Word, a freeware version can be found at search for Microsoft Word and one of the results will show Microsoft Word 97 32 bit, and that will do the trick.

First Wave is a really wonderful show and has given the fans so much, we do the newsletter to give something back for all the effort they put into the show. The cast and crew are very much involved in the newsletter, as we get great feedback from them as well as exclusive interviews from guys like Henry Chan, Rob LaBelle, Roger Cross to name a few. We have news the latest news on the comic books, and some other hot topics, and there's much more than that. We've got an artist on the staff in Ish, the very opinionated Bruiser, the talented Nei one of the editors, and then there's DrkAngel, who does the layout and design and edits the newsletter. Thanks for your time reading this. If you any questions, want to subscribe or anything send an e-mail over to


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To submit any questions, comments and/or articles for The Brethren Chronicle then send them to with "Submission" in the subject line.

Current Issue
Annivesary Issue

Excerpt from an Interview with Sebastian Spence

"Are there any stars you would like to see appear on First Wave?"

"There's a whole lot of people. When you start thinking of who could appear as alien, there's a whole whack of people I would like to appear on the show. I don't know that's a tough question. My answer to that is that we have had really good guest stars, I'm always surprised, because what we really do well is that we cast well. I say between the two countries, we go through great actors."


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How can we follow up our giant anniversary issue? The only way we know how. You'll see the next installments of exclusive interview with Sebastian Spence, Traci Lords, and a whole lot more...
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