Sad Day in Waverdom

We all knew the end would come one day...

Chris Brancato posted the following to the Sci-Fi BBoard:

"Hey everyone, Sorry I've been off the board for awhile. I just received news from Larry Sugar that Pearson has failed to continue the series. It looks like we are dead. The time it took "the powers that be" to reach this decision is a testament to the dedicated fans of FW. Through your efforts, a megabillion dollar company was made aware that its shows actually provide enjoyment for real human beings. And still the numbers just didn't add up. I've had a wonderful three years, a large part of that enjoyment derived from reading this board and reading your comments. You are the best fans in science fiction. I am now onto a new show, created with Bert Salke, for the F/X Channel. It is called "Dope." It's non-scifi, but I hope you'll watch."


Robzilla, Morn64, MaraWade

First Wave Scripts of the Month!

Hey look!
I updated the FWHQ =) *GASP* =P
Anyways, here are this month's First Wave Scripts of the month. This time you get a double month dose since I have been lagging in my duties. So my err is your treat =)
Blue Agave, Cul-De-Sac, The Box, and The Undesirables

I have also included an Archives section for the First Wave Script of the month where if you missed it, you can go to the archives and look at it again.




The Brethren Chronicle - The Official Newsletter for First Wave.





From series creator Chris Brancato and Executive Producer Francis Ford Coppola, comes First Wave, a sci-fi series with something for everyone, blending elements from Millennium and Nowhere Man. Also filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

First Wave follows the quest of Cade Foster, who discovers the end of the world is being coordinated by aliens in an invasion that was predicted by Nostradamus, when he is the savior described by the ancient prophet as mankind's last hope.


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